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Masculine, decent looking guy, kinda small
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2010guy Male 39 Gay Muscle Worship
Masculine, decent looking guy, kinda small build, but muscular, loves working out, likes to play around with big muscle guys who like to horseplay/roughhouse around, showing off, using lots of lifts/carrys/slams on me. Mainly for fun/erotica. Liked to be grabbed, held up, squeezed, tossed around a bit. Over the shoulders backbreakers, gorilla press, sissors, racks, bearhugs are all HOT! Love BIG-little guy muscle scenes. Taller, strong hvywghts are cool too. Today, mainly I work out, lift, stay in shape. Only wrestled a few times years back, in a 'neighborhood backyard' wrestling situations many years ago. Many other interests as well besides wrestling. Stuck in a small town so travel is limited, sorry. NO cam here, but it cant hurt to say hey! Will chat with almost anyone.
Fredonia New York

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