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FIGHTING is the process of hurting
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2ManWar Male 52 Straight UFC/Shoot fight
FIGHTING is the process of hurting your opponent beyond his capacity to endure it before he hurts you beyond your capacity to endure it. Men are built and programmed to fight. We need to stop aplogizing for it, and 'enjoy' it! We get to fight for 'fun' in sportive ways, not necessarily for survivial. Some guys here express that fighting instinct in cyber and fantasy and as long as they are honest about it, that is their business. I am a well muscled, hard/built man - with good. matted, private fight space looking for real fights about any style or rules - no fantasy or cyber or phone. I will indeed fight to hurt you while we hopefully avoid (serious) injury. I see some guys write a book and I decided to do the same. WARRIORS - I fight as a warrior. A warrior has three obligations in sportive fighting in my opinion: 1) To always respect his opponenet enough to fight at 100% intensity, taking the KO if he earns it, 2) Staying in the fight to the end, not denying his opponent the satisfaction of his earned KO, 3) Obeying agreed upon rules and never seeking to seriously injure. First, wrestling is not fighting - period. Don't talk to me about fighting and then describe a wrestling match. It's not that I won't wrestle - I will since it is a good workout and good training, just don't pretend it is fighting. FIGHTING styles include: 1) Boxing which I am trained in. The rules are defined and codified so we know what it is. It's not my preferred fight, but I will box. In a fight, we use light gloves not 'pillow' or sparring gloves. 2) Fist figtht - while very elemental, it is probably a very stupid way to fight. It is all stand-up but with non-boxing blows and clinching allowed. That being said, with the right guy at the right time, I will fist fight. 3) A better alternative is fist fight style in UFC gloves. 4) Finally, an MMA/UFC style fighting in UFC gloves with reasonable rules and good sense. This is probably my preferred fight. While everybody has the right to go about this any way they enjoy, I am a serious fighter. If your profile describes body parts, excessive gear details, fetishes, or cyber, phone, play, or 'pro' - we probably are not a good match. If it says 'no pain', we are for sure not a good match. If it says 'no rules' that is just nonsense! I am only a fair wrestler, having come to it later. I am a trained boxer, but not particularly looking for pure boxing (but I will do it). I am looking for fighting, not with lots of rules but with rules of good sense. The way we manage to fight is you have to have the safety valave that 'no'means no and 'stop' means stop, and submissions are respected. You fight without an intent to injure, yet you accept the risk of injury. I boxed in several local Toughman Tournaments, lost interest and then did underground fighting for a couple years, until underground fighting came 'above ground' - UFC. Good matches for me are big, strong, experienced fighters, or younger guys in great shape who can trade some speed and power for experience. I travel a decent amount, so I may be able to get to you for a fight. Hope that is clear enough to understand where I am coming from - just cursed with the fact that I LOVE TO FIGHT.
Columbus Ohio

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