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Looking for young wrestler (sport, fun, erotic)
username sex age sexual seeking
AMAROK Male 40 Bisexual Submission Wrestling
Hi guys ! I'm looking for younger guys preferably under 30 y.o. for fun/submission wrestling. Erotic wrestling, when happens, can be a big turn on ;-) I'm rather an intermediate level wrestler. I can easily travel to meet u (can get a hotel room if u can't host), throughout France (often in Paris area) and everywhere in Europe (Uk-Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Scandinavian and central/eastern european countries...) and even other countries like USA & Canada. Can also host in Grenoble (France). PS: i'm said to be cuter, stronger (at wrestling) and younger looking in real life than looks like on my pics ! lol PS2: I wrestled some of my favorites.
Sallanches France

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