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Sadistic Heel, skinhead-wrestler
username sex age sexual seeking
Aggromuscle Male 48 Gay Wrestling with sex
Muscle Daddy Pro Wrestler, I Prefer Heel/Top, Beating on Jobbers; squash jobs, Pro, or Promission / Give&Take. Also into muscle play and muscle worship. Big 19 inch arms, 52' chest, 19' neck, huge tree-trunk legs. Have all gear. Like verbal humiliation and physical domination. Love doing boston crabs, cobra clutches, headlocks, scissors, chokes, full nelsons, arm bars, body slams, suplex, back breakers, throws against the wall, etc. I am a master at piledrivers! I like beating a guy down, putting him through multiple painful submission holds, making him squirm and beg. Although not a must, can also get into chairs, chain and juice matches with other like minded guys. Not into cyber or chat; real meetings with real men only.
San Francisco California

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