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Huge Tall BigBellied Dom Chubbear GOLIATH Seeks Jock/Gym/Frat A&F boy DAVEY
username sex age sexual seeking
AntaeusNY Male 46 Gay Open to all
NOTE: LOOKING FOR REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCES ONLY, NOT CYBER FANTASY BS. SO PLEASE DON'T WASTE MY TIME UNLESS YOU ARE IN MY AREA OR PLAN TO BE SOON. Huge, tall, strong, masculine, big-bellied dom chubbear loves to dominate, work over, punish, humiliate cocky jock/gym/frat/A&F/prep and similar type guys. Love to wrestle them into submission, crush them with my huge belly and massive weight while I slap and spank them and put them into painful wrestling holds/pins until they beg for mercy. Once they submit to me I love to make them my suck pig and have them massage me and suck me dry on command. Also like to BE dominated/worked over sometimes (usually as the 'middle act') -- variety is the spice of life. Single guy here looking for FUN, FRIENDS, DATING, ROMANCE....open to ALL possibilities.
Yonkers New York

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