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Aust10Wrstlr Male 39 Gay Open to all
Finally, a long overdue update to my profile. Currently working on getting into better shape. Working out 4 times a week and seeing great results so far. Excited to keep going and see how much muscle I can build. Pro wrestling and pro fantasy are still my favorites, for which I am open to locking up with guys of almost any size or age. Im very flexible when it comes to the match style depending on my opponent however I am not a fan of squashing another guy especially if they cant put up a fight. I do however like being squashed but Im a scrappy fighter so I dont go down so easily. As Im getting in better shape I am also wanting to get into the more competitive wrestling like sub. The thought of pushing myself with a guy around my size to see who can dominate sounds like lots of fun. Im a real beginner when it comes to this style but Im open to learning and getting a good workout in the process. As far as gear is concerned, I like wresting in speedos and anything skimpier. Im not at all interested in sex however I love getting erotic while wrestling if theres chemistry with my opponent. Nothing like using erotic dirty tricks to get an upper hand or humiliate your opponent. Ill be updating my current pics soon and hope to post regularly. If for nothing else to chronicle my progress. Chat me up if you see me in chat, even if you're not in my area, I alway like making new chatting buddies and chatting with other guys into wrestling. Also would love to hear from guys who have tips on building muscle and bulking up.
Austin Texas

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