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Want to challenge-not a fake & neither should u be
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Australian_Wrestler Male 48 Other Wrestling, no sex
2019-Travelling various states of USA-mainly midwest Traveling Illinois-Wisconsin Michigan.Daktota's Iowa and then south towards the Mex border Septermber/October 2019.Have hire car so be travelling quite a bit and a little east of those states time pending If I am in chat room not always at my desk and if cam is on its always nice to message and ask first and or chat not just call me -some respect and decency sometimes goes a long way I am real easy going/laid back dude friendly.Yeah I will trash talk and joke and joke around a lot, .Whether I kicked your ... or you kicked mine or we drew at least we showed and to that I made great friends on and off the mats. Favourites are those I fought and or met-Happy to verify them,just ask-My way of saying I verify them Love all styles of wrestling but prefer free & sub tho also love watching mma. DO TRAVEL A LOT LOCALLY & OVERSEAS.IF I AM ONLINE I AM IN WRESTLING CHAT ROOM -HAPPY TO CHAT WITH OVERSEAS WRESTLERS AND SET UP MATCHES WHEN THERE BUT NO CYBER Love long hard & sweaty matches preferably to exhaustion-haven't lost to exhaustion yet. Regardless of your orientation gay/bi/str8 blk/white I don't discriminate just dont be a fake and with respect dont wrestle with anal/oral-be genuine like me.I do travel Australia and overseas so if your up for the challenge-dont let the 'niceness' of the photo or my nickname underestimate me-lets chat-I always follow through AND SO SHOULD YOU.Happy to webcam and I am currently a member so just msg me and will contact you even if u flirt.MY WORD IS MY HANDSHAKE-MY HANDSHAKE IS MY WORD=BE THE SAME
Adelaide Australia
Chicago Illinois
Detroit Michigan
Lansing Michigan

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