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Looking for Workout Partners in the San Gabriel Valley
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Beefyness Male 35 Gay Wrestling, no sex
Japanese Guy, living in the Monterey Park CA, I love Pro Wrestling, trading holds, tests of strength, school boy pins, frottage, Power and Strength holds, Bear Hug and full nelson contests, Shoulder racks, Gorilla Presses and wrestling in the pool, would prefer guys who fight back, Not into total squash jobs or guys who are only into jobbing. I lift 6 days a week and really enjoy it, I love Power lifting, strong men contests and bodybuilding. I'm always trying to get more muscular, if you don't get bigger and stronger than you were before I don't get the point :) I love gearing up in Pro Wrestling attire, I have a Big collection of gear, the full outfit, boots, trunks or a singlet, sports tape and mask. Its always hawt to see a Big Man in a super hero suit (Superman is the best), speedos, square cuts, leather or a jock. Would be Great to find a regular wrestling partner or strong lifting bro, not just into wrestling but doing other things like biking on the beach, Astronomy, Super Heroes, cosplay, seeing a movie, getting something protein loaded after an intense workout. I do Not do full on submission, NHB, MMA, fist fights and I am NOT looking to get injured.
Los Angeles California

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