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BigScorpio Male 56 Other Play wrestling
Okay, 5'8 310 pound chubby man that likes gutpunching, bearhugging and roleplay. Got nothing to prove, just want to work up a good sweat, but do like it a little rough. I don't do nude so please don't ask. Primarily looking for heavyweights into the same thing but all are welcome. Can host. All limits respected. Mostly heel, will job for the right person. NOW READ THIS: If you aren't interested in having a match with me, a simple 'Sorry, not interested' would suffice...I'd be sad, but that's life However, if you private message me, saying some hurtful shit to make you feel like you're superior to me, then I will say my piece and then report your ass. Don't get me wrong if we're buds and we're trash talking it's cool, but if I send you a request for a meet and you don't have the decency to simply say you're not interested but go down to the level of calling me name and trying to insult me, then you will get back a message and I will report your ass to the site administrator.
Sacramento California

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