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Wrestling Buds for friendships, and/or matches...even searchn' for my soulmate
username sex age sexual seeking
Big_kid_1971 Male 48 Gay Open to all
Been wrestling fan for as long as I can remember! Used to love watching WWE growing up. Even did backyard wrestling with friends growing up. Love to get into submissions and knockouts, not really into the pincounts. I get into heel and job, but love to job a little more unless going for stakes or proving matches. More into the old school, more of the holds insteads of all the strikes and hits. Love to be pushed into pushing my limits of endurement of tapping out or going out quickly and same if in heel position, love to push.. Would love to be in position of actually passing out instead of tapping out... Always looking for others for get togethers to have some matches or just practicing holds/moves... if having a stakes match, friendships are put aside especially if a challenging stake that I hate to lose for...
Fort Madison Iowa

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