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Pro fantasy play 🤼‍♀️ wrestling, and 🥊 boxing, and friendship
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Boomboom Male 71 Bisexual Play wrestling
love wrestling and boxing, because of physical problems profantasy play wrestling. on fixed in come so travel and hotel's are out of the question. Bummer, because please no weirdo's just want too box and wrestle. and if it happens with the right person great. if your in the area please lets step into the ring, can't host any bummer.love the ring. . don't like football or other sports love watching male and female fights. like the classic fight's from the 40's and 50's used too watch the fights at the Olympic auditoreum as a kid and was hooked big turn on. want a wrestling and boxing buddy. and friend too pal around with. love the intro's pat downs etc. before the fight. want too meet buddy's and friends here in slidell, or the gulfort area, etc. I have too admit, for the first time in my life I realized I have a wrestling and boxing fetish. love the fights both male and female. would love too meet and fight other people like me. male or female. and have friends with like minded interest. lets step into the ring together, love too work out, nudist, lets hook up.and also any ladies or men, who want too work out boxing or wrestling. and if it gets too be a realy close , great. any body in the Gulfport are my age who has a place too fight lets fight, want a buddy too have regular bouts. I know I go and come, that's because of physical problems but I think it is taken care of lets wrestle and box. please contact me. lets be buddies with like minded inerest.any body my age in the Gulfport and slidell area let’s fight. Ladies or men, I want a sparring partner. A friend a lover. A buddy. Male or female, Too enjoy this journey in life. I already have a wife. And 2 daughters and 4 grandkids.? Now I want too enjoy what I like. ?
Slidell Louisiana

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