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Carolina_Jim Male 58 Bisexual Jackoff Buddies
Checkout my NEW 2 Hour Jackoff DVDs just $18 each via my personals webpage link or from the main GlobalFight com website. You can also watch them free if your a premium personals user in the Multimedia Area. Due to alot of fake profiles out there claiming to be me I wanted to have one official site for people to buy my DVDs and contact me and since GlobalFight is the exclusive producer of ALL my videos this seemed the natural venue to post my official profile. The ONLY place to watch my streaming videos is in the members area of this website. I also have forty thousand of my images inside the members area available for viewing in HD large format. If you see ANY profiles anywhere else in the world claiming to be me they are fake and I ask you report that profile to the admins of this site so they can send that website a cease and desist notice to remove the fake profile. Thanks.
Atlanta Georgia
columbia south carolina
dallas texas
Knoxville Tennessee
monroe louisiana
Raleigh North Carolina

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