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Country Guy Likes To Punch
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Cntry_Puncher Male 43 Gay Boxing with sex
Howdy! Thought I would update this a bit. Check my locales for home/travel info. Decent country-raised guy that likes to watch fights, fighting, UFC, NHB, etc. but not into wrestling. Instead, looking to do some punching on a guy. Biceps, pecs, abs, obliques, legs... doesn't matter. Gut-punching is my fav thing (to give); but open to punching anything else. Also like to dish out CBT; striking/knees, kicks, grabbing, pulling, etc. Like to lightly work over a guy wanting to experiment, to a rougher session with a guy that's into power and strength; showing off what you can take. Also, willing to do a 'beat up' for a guy that is looking for that, too. Not into give-take, and not into wrestling. Looking to work hard on a guy and don't care about your age (21 and up only, please). Don't mind just punching or punching with orgasm or more (chemistry dependent). Open to phone, real-time, but not a fan of cyber. Catch me in chat, or send a flirt/e-mail, or contact via chat service listed. Finally, after doing a few live chats on here, I've learned I'm not competitive. So when guys say 'are you man enough?' or some other prod to get a response... it's just a turn-off. Let's chat! Here are my results from BDSM test: == Results from bdsmtest.org == 99% Dominant 91% Sadist 87% Master/Mistress 83% Degrader 70% Owner 59% Primal (Hunter) 46% Brat tamer 37% Rigger 27% Vanilla 20% Experimentalist 17% Daddy/Mommy 12% Voyeur 5% Ageplayer 4% Non-monogamist 4% Exhibitionist 2% Degradee 1% Primal (Prey) 1% Slave 1% Submissive 1% Switch 0% Masochist
Houston Texas

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