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Pro Wrestler for big guys
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DINSU Male 57 Gay Wrestling with sex
In shape guy, going to the gym 4-5 times a week doing weights and some cardio. In the past into free Olympic wrestling, but I've stoped practicing and I'm now into workout trainning and some boxing for cardio mainly. Trainning hard to be bigger and stronguer, near the 200lbs and happy for it. More interested in bigger guys than myself and curious in Pro sessions. No pain and friendship. No submission matches. Im muscle fetish. I love muscle men tall or short with big muscles: arms, chest, back, guts, back and the rest of the parts. My fantasy: look at you flexing, strength demos, oil massage, compare bodies... turns me on. If you are into the same please contact. Thanks for visit my profile. I'm not a premium member so please include your mail address. Hugs
Barcelona Spain

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