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DeepInsidesGut Male 41 Gay Fighting with sex
I am open to anything kinky and safe, from mild to wild. I am turned on by gutpunching, gut claw, gut wrench, bear hug, body scissors, gut stomping, fantasy role play, gut interrogation, gladiator fight, knife play, navel play, lower belly pain, belly bloating/ inflating, belly massage, belly fuck, ff, military uniforms, bondage, electro, etc... I was on college wrestling team, and I like all types of wrestling and MMA. I am into receiving or giving gut punches in all scenes. I like DEEP punches into a relaxed and soft lower belly. My body is built and my soft guts are ready to receive hard punches or any objects. I will return the favor in “mutual combat”. :-) If you are interested in a chat, a regular buddy, or more, just message me. Got guts? :-)
Los Angeles California
Manhattan New York

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