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Looking for aggressive, rough, masculine grapplers
username sex age sexual seeking
DesertWrestler Male 57 Gay Wrestling with sex
NOT CURRENTLY A PREMIUM MEMBER, SO PLEASE INCLUDE EMAIL OR CONTACT METHOD IF YOU WANT ME TO BE ABLE TO REACH YOU. Masculine man, used to wrestle several times weekly; currently out of practice. Have lots of goals, from bodybuilding to grappling regularly again. I like rough, aggressive, rugged, as long Yas it's genuine (and safe). if you're 'advanced,' and are willing to teach moves/holds/tactics, I'm also interested in that. I also like wrestling for top, submission wrestling, primal exchanges with sex -- as long as it's safe and the chemistry is there....wrestling is very homoerotic for me and a sport I love. No games. NOT INTERESTED in 'play-wrestling,' 'fantasy,' cyber-'wrestling,' or similar things. If YOU are, GREAT -- but I am NOT the right person for you, okay? Will first need a patient grappling buddy while I get back into winning form. Nice guy here when off the mats.
Palm Springs California

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