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Dick_the_Bruiser Male 61 Bisexual Open to all
Stocky 70's era wrestler. Like wrestling with body punches. Pro, promission, trading holds, competitive or semi competitive, erotic, can adapt to all. Stocky built with incredible stamina . Easy going. Challenge me you won't be disappointed. Will wrestle for stakes. Enjoy one on one matches, 2 vs 1, and tag team matches. Gut punching is welcome too. I do not have a six pack body but I'm like a weeble I may wobble but I won't fall down. My photos are the real me. I don't have a six pack nor do I paid my speedo to make me look bigger. What you see is what you get. If I send you message please have the courtesy to reply yes or no. Ok now for the boring stuff. I can travel and provide my own living arrangements.

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