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Pro Style on the rough side - bring it! --- real only.
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Dungeon_Master Male 64 Gay Wrestling with sex
Moved near downtown dallas. Have mats and space. Interested in wrestling any age over 30. Will wrestle most any size, but please, be reasonable about it. Have mats available. Enjoy pro, pro-mission styles the most. Enjoy using pro style holds/moves with real pressure, real pain... test limits.... mostly yours... mostly heel. Have recently discovered that I really enjoy teaching guys how to have a good time with rough pro stuff. Work with you step by step till you get the holds and moves down. Then try it out in a man to man hot rough pro sweaty match. Have to admit, I do very much enjoy taking a muscled man down on the mats and working his muscles with punishing, long held pro holds. Crank it on and watch the muscles tremor under the pressure. I hit the weights 2x per week; spin classes 3x per week. If I hit you up, I'm probably heading to your area or I just want to say hi or give you a compliment. It's not a date. I'm the one applying the holds in the pics above.
Dallas Texas

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