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FLASHinPA Male 47 Other Play wrestling
Physically fit guy looking to have some fun wrestling and MMA-style sparring (UFC Boxing Gloves) in Speedo briefs or square leg trunks or boardshorts, shirtless and barefoot, but not in getting injured or injuring another. Interested in a workout buddy to practice holds and then go at it in an easy going match. Prefer even matches with guys my approximate size and weight, or smaller, although slightly larger ok too. Squash matches ok, as I don't mind being dominated and muscle worshipping. While a watcher for several years, I'm new to participating in the fight scene‚Äďam eager to learn and open to suggestions. There's a primal physicality about two fit men in speedos and barefoot in a combat of sorts, struggling against one another, one dominating the other or perhaps being dominated by another.
Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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