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Full_Nelsoned Male 56 Gay Friends
Hi, guys. You got a full nelson that you're particularly proud of that no guys (or very few) can get out of? <G> Or do you love skilled amateur, pinning wrestling (any of the nelsons, guillotines, cradles, spladles, scissors, etc.)? Please contact me. Your 'gentlemanly' invitation for me to spend some quality time in your full nelson, to discuss and explore some of its finer points (grin), will always make me weak in the knees and curious to take you up on the offer. It's nice to find out that chivalry is not gone. Always love talking nelsons, sport wrestling, and pinning. I'm 5'7', 150#, slightly muscular, 45'c, 15'a, 32'w, bearded, hairy. Please have a face pic posted here. I really enjoy carrying on intelligent conversations about amateur sport wrestling. If I'm in the chat room, I'm usually looking for a very dominant guy who loves using nelsons, especially full nelsons, to have fun with. I love talking about any of the nelson family of holds, but especially the full nelson, its strategies, the mechanics and physiology of it; anything about it really. Also, I like amateur wrestling pinning combinations and discussing any specialties you may have with them. Well, if that sounds interesting, certainly drop me a line and say hi. Looking forward to that. Also, after everything I've been through, I feel compelled to offer a shoulder and words of support to anyone who's faced with similar kinds of challenges. I know how a few words can change someone's day for the better. Take care all, Dave
Cleveland Ohio

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