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Spaniard fighter in Rome
username sex age sexual seeking
Garou25 Male 33 Gay UFC/Shoot fight
Hey, I'm a young professional and I like fighting. Most of my experience comes from martial arts. I'm most interested in MMA style fights and sparring, but I'm open to other styles. Would be great finding a workout partner and someone to improve my wrestling and grappling. By the way, it's great getting messages and all that... but challenging is pretty unless there is a real chance of having of meeting and having a match. I live in Italy, I go often to Madrid, keep it in mind. I'm planning a trip to a great MMA school in Phuket for the summer. A couple of weeks training, fighting and living the life. Let me know if you think you might be interested. The school is Tiger Muay Thai. I might go for a couple of weeks around July or August Send me your email address if you want to get in touch
Rome Italy

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