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Into NHB matches with hard abs attacks-Try to Break Them
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GutpunchNHB Male 63 Gay Gut punching
Discrete.. Told I am nice and easy going layed back guy. Quiet when I first meet so let me know what you are into. Into abs beating in NHB matches. You don't need a perfect 6pac eiher,flat tight abs are great. Not into beerguts etc NO offence meant. Really like to beat into a good set of abs or mine attacked match, anything to abs. Realistic and all limits respected. I do real and will try to meet with REAL guys, cyber as well with me as a jobber or heel and also would love to be double teamed NHB No Limit role play too. Ring, Mats, Dungeon, outdoor etc let me know your scene. In the chat room at times so hit me up. In Perth from 27th Nov 2013 thru to 27th July 2014.. Cheers
Townsville Australia

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