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KOStakesBoxer Male 39 Gay Boxing with sex
Looking for rough, aggressive men for competitive knockout fights for stakes/topman honors. My ideal fight would be stand-up KO boxing, light gloves or bareknuckle, but also willing to compete in KO Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA, and Fistfighting, Streetfighting, Scraping as long as full-contact face punching is allowed. Also interested in classic/ancient fighting styles like London Prize Ring Rules Boxing, Ancient Greek Boxing, Muay Boran and Pankration. Willing to fight to timed KO, out-cold KO or winner Decides when it's over. Gloves: 6oz boxing gloves, mma gloves, heavy bag gloves or bareknuckle. Attire: Speedo, Briefs, thongs, g-string, cockrings or nude. Boxing boots or barefoot. Will not wear more than speedos for KO stakes fights. Looking to fight for Sexual, Domination, Humiliation, BDSM rights for overnight or multi-day ownership. Prefer fights in a small, enclosed room or cage, but open to outdoor as well. Get rock hard for blood, facial damage and knockout and look to fight the same. Open to video recording all KO stakes fights. Not intersted in massive size gaps. Looking for fighters close in size only. If you message me just to comment on my pictures or tell me to come to you, don't expect a reply.
Amsterdam Netherlands
Dublin Ireland

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