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Love KO´s
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Knock_me_out Male 36 Gay Boxing with sex
I would find it really hot to work as 'toyboy' for a real fighter/alphamale. You KO your opponents, and i serve ya in your homw. Everytime wa are in same area, i will be in my knees, ready to suck your cock and rim ya asshole. I walk on my knees, beside or behind you! While you walk on your feets. If you prefer you can use a leach to direct me. We can even use a sitring for a great rimming. There i lay under your ass, while you take the 'Masters seat'. And then we need to transport us, you can transport me in the carbooth-trunk, and force me to travel in the dark area, while you enyou the trip from the drivers seat. You know where we will go, while i don´t. Can just lay there, in the darker and wait for you to open. HOT U are the fighter! I am your trophy! Are u the Alpha-male! I am your beta-male.
Prague Czech Republic

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