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Hi I'm am just looking for
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Scotch2010 Male 48 Straight Boxing, no sex
Hi I'm am just looking for sparring fun nothing too serious or silly but a firm and fair sparring match. Rules apply - the most important that we both STOP when one of us has had enough. Headgear not essensial but gloves a must!(which I am more than happy to supply). Can only meet in the southeast of UK at the moment. Sometimes visit Ashford, London, Eastbourne and Brighton areas but my favourite spot is Hastings. I have a vision in my mind of meeting someone in a private basement, empty garage or just a private room somewhere where we can ave a private glove match. I have loads of different boxing gloves and even have a boxing timer! Here in Britain years ago we used to have a sports program called Grandstand every Saturday afternoon - I miss the boxing matches they used to show on there.
Huddersfield United Kingdom

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