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you small, tough guys, step to the front of the line. think you can take me?
username sex age sexual seeking
armywrestler Male 57 Other Wrestling, no sex
wow. over 500 profile views just disappeared, again. looking for tough workouts with fit individuals. ex-infantry guy here staying in shape wrestling. looking for fit guys to wrestle of any skill level and any size up to 225lbs. prefer the challenge from tougher, smaller guys. you guys are quick and know how to keep a big man down, soften him up and punish and control him. like sub,freestyle and roughhousing for the body contact. open to some punching while wrestling. prefer wrestling in speedos/brief and barefoot for maximum body contact. enjoy working over the guy i wrestle using long held holds to wear him down, dominate him and show him whos boss. if you can take me, i expect the same type treatment. your chance to wear a tough army guy down as some of you have. men wrestle, its in our genes to compete physically with other men, theres nothing unnatural about it. not a member yet so include your email address in your message. thanks. i also travel US for matches. atlanta guys, i'll meet you halfway or catch you when i'm in town.
Hinesville Georgia

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