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Strong older guy who loves crushing young guys senseless in his bear hug.
username sex age sexual seeking
azbearhugger Male 78 Bisexual Brit pro wrestling/Pro wrestling
Strong, fit, in shape older man loves to get his short, thick, muscular arms around a slim younger guy who thinks an older man can't possibly be all that strong and crush the breath from his struggling body over and over again in one long, sustained, rib-grinding bear hug after the other until he submits or, if his pride won't let him give it up, passes out. Or have the same done to me by a strong young guy. If the chemistry is right and other things develop, that's geat, but not a requirement. Limits are discussed in advance and adhered to strictly. Never try to injure or degrade matmate. Not a sadist or bully. Just a nice, pleasant, friendly, easy going, passionate, fun loving fellow who just happens to be a pint-sized gorilla with a love of crushing young, strong guys half to death. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Phoenix Arizona

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