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backbreakerme Male 55 Gay Submission Wrestling
Fit, skin sub looking to meet up with other fit guys for Brit Pro Submission wrestling with an emphasis on multiple back weakeners, choke holds and backhammers. A willing Jobber for Heels bigger and heavier than me (my first preference). But willing to negotiate other types of bouts with guys of similar build and weight. Guys significantly smaller will be usually be worked on and punished ... Favourite Submission Holds: Backbreaker over the shoulder (with delayed release); Full Boston Crab; Surfboard; Camel Clutch. Other Moves/holds: Crotch Holds & Slams; Forearm Smashes (to the back); Dragon Sleeper; Neck chops; Chokes. A 'Skull Murphy' style punishment bout culminating in his trademark Gator Submission Hold is a current favourite (World of Sport Fans should know what I mean) ... but the list keeps growing!
Glasgow United Kingdom
London United Kingdom

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