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US-Americ looking to wrestle naked or clothed strong, handsome guys, in Birmingham.
username sex age sexual seeking
barefeetdude Male 53 Bisexual Wrestling with sex
US-American, living in Brum looking to wrestle hard, either naked or in gear/clothes, to potentially lose, and then get fucked as 'punishment'. Who wants to wrestle me and then get something up my ass for loosing against you ? Now, for those wrestlers who DON'T want sex, that will be absolutely respected. I will not turn you down, if you don't want to have sex. That WILL be fine to just wrestle with me. I would sure like to enjoy some hard, regular exercise with another strong man, and to give you the reward to win against me and then have me, as your trophy prize, whether with or without sexual gratification. Can't wait to hear from you. Mostly living barefoot, Howard.
Birmingham United Kingdom

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