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Taking YOUR beatings, Sir.
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beatdownboy Male 54 Gay Fighting, no sex
This man-boy is into submission, taking your beatings, severe punishments, discipline, training, and strict control. You're safe and sane, but YOUR dominant masculine energy and hot anger needs an outlet, so YOU like wrestling, fighting, boxing, slapping, gut punches, and more. Your fantasies may involve gang-like beat downs, skin-head dominance, tough guy brutality, prison type-forced submission. YOU are the Alpha Male Dominant and YOU know how to command respect, fear, and control through brutal force. You're a natural sadist because you get hard and total satisfaction without the need for anal/oral intercourse. This slave is not looking for sex. It seeks to please YOU. Master, the slave has experienced that when it writhes in pain under a Master's whip and other sadistic devices, and when its submission and servitude is brutally commanded by its angry Master, the slave is forced to face its inner fears because it has a greater fear of disappointing or displeasing YOU the Master--all this brings pleasure to the Master and the slave's purpose is fulfilled. Some or all of your activies may include punishment, breath control, mind fuck, verbal abuse, cbt, hoods, bondge, ball torture, suspension, dog training, rituals, forced labor, humiliation, whipping, outdoor play, etc. SORRY, the boy can NOT travel. Looking for Metro Atlanta/Stone Mountain/Snellville Dominant/Downtown Atlanta.
Atlanta/Dklb Georgia

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