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blackbeast Male 43 Gay Wrestling with sex
TOTAL BLACK POWERHOUSE, muscle man, power lifter, arm wrestler champion. Brought up by my gay dad and uncle, who until recently were both total buff wrestlers, and total musclemen. I am very proud of them and they are my hero for sure. Wrestled all through school, freestyle, and wrestled my dad and uncle in training from age 10..also. I WILL DESTROY YOU,no problen about that, no man is as powerful as me..and my skill level is tops. My bear hugs and torture rack are total python holds, there is no escape. I’m a big, strong, black beast who is into muscle/strength. I love tests/demos of strength stuff such as using big built muscle men as my barbell. Really like showing off my strength and feeling another man’s. Especially enjoy lift and carry scenes.. competitions.. do all sorts of lifts with you then challange you to do same with me.. match me lift 4 lift... pushups with each other on our back, throw you up across my shoulders, carry you around & do squats with you or pick u up in crouch lift and do curls with you or give u a naked shoulder ride... love to be jacked by a man while he’s up across my shoulders and I’m doing squats with him. Also love to rack & jack a guy! The rack is my fav hold to use. I am looking to meet strong, masculine, muscular built guys who want to be manhandled, overpowered, dominated, humiliated strength wise for some safe/sane, hot, erotic, playfull m2m fun. Imagine what it would be like to have your big body just swallowed up in all this huge mass and muscle and power when I effortlessly wrap my black anaconda biceps of steel around you and crush the life out of you. I’d SO dominate your weak ass....I’d squeeze you so hard I’d cut off your blood supply and all those veins would just go pop!!! I’d pick you up and swing you around like a little rag doll...and you’d LOVE every minute of it. I’d keep you up in the air and off your feet....so long that you’d think you were flying. Pro fantasy, submission or a combination is great. Erotic with the right guy. Nothing tickles me more than to make a jobber's wrestling fantasy come true. Love hot and sweaty super hot heel versus heel grudge matches. Real time preferred, but will occasionally phone or cyber with the right guy. Will travel around with work & not always in the City. Always travel, esp to Europe and Asia, so maybe I'll see you in my next trip. LET'S BATTLE!
Atlanta Georgia

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