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Experienced wrestler in Seattle
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chris_in_seattle Male 34 Gay Submission Wrestling
First off, if you want me to respond start a real conversation, winks (or site equivalent), hello's, how are you's, etc will all be ignored. I expect you to be an adult and be able to express what you're looking for. I hate that I feel like I have to say that but it's seriously an issue. I am a BJJ blue belt and have been wrestling people off the internet since 2003. I take wrestling seriously and want to get better every day. That being said I hope to start a pet project this year to share my love and improve the local wrestling scene. I plan on starting a weekly group where some friends of mine and myself teach wrestling and submission wrestling to give the local community a solid foundation. Wrestling is a deep seated passion for me, I am addicted to BJJ and some of my best life connections have been made at martial arts schools and through the wrestling community. Be real, friendly, and honest, that's all I ask. On top of everything else I am kinky, I have a strong fetish for spandex and have more speedos and singlets than anyone really should. I also love to squeeze and be squeezed. Bodyscissors are an obsession, bearhugs a fantasy, and I do like chokes. Being a BJJ blue belt I am quite proficient in several chokes. So, introduce yourself, be real and we'll get along great. Happy rolling
Ahuimanu Hawaii
Seattle Washington

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