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Southern Decadence, New Orleans
username sex age sexual seeking
codywrestler Male 51 Gay Wrestling with sex
Just looking for some wrestling/boxing fun or just someone to bust my gut and/or balls. Gear gets me hard! Hit me up if interested. I always make sure to bring some gear for a match. Love some good ball busting, ass paddling, but just doing some fun pro action wrestling or erotic or a little sub is just as good. All about having fun. Also like to find someone to deliver some gut work to me if anyone is interested. Pro wrestling, pro mission, boxing, more. Looking for gearing up and getting or giving a good work over or for just a good match. Cincinnati area guy up for taking on guys to see who can take/dish out more punishment on the other. Lookin for other guys into testin each others gut to see who can last longer. tag partner is Mat Pain in Louisville.
Cincinnati Ohio

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