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Bottom for beating
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dancer Male 35 Gay Fighting with sex
Hi i am 25, very sporty.. My actually biggest fantasy is to be beaten up by a group of straight lads.. for example a game.. i am gay and you guys are straight.. or i stole money from you, so u were asking your friends to give a lesson.. Anyone into this playings? Its my fantasy.. uff..:) but i like much more things.. I like dirty- piss, spit, burp, breath control, cigarsex, boots-kicking, kidnapping - rape - f.e. be in the boot of your car.. etc.. just in a few word: i like to do experiments..:) So any new idea? I am pretty open to talk about (like c6) couse u all guys far away. But very open to travel, so would more like to meet ya, of course. Of course i can host, so not a problem. I am originally from Prague, but look down and ull see my travel dates..:)Anyway i like vanilla sex as well,.. i like to cuddle, kiss, into romantic.. i actually play piano for 12years.. so i am kind of kinky (little maso) romantic guy - so not that bad, right?.. lol and about me? I am doing gym for about 5 years. Doing systems as 2-1-2, or 3-1-3, up to the time. I have a licence as a Fitness Trainer and Dietetian, so if u guys need help.. just ask.. ill try to help ya, but its actually not my work, couse i am still a studying economic. And i was dancing.. i did Street Dance.. So thats why Dancer. So if u have any questions just pvt me..:) see ya u sadistic bastards..:) I am traveling a lot .. here are my travelign dates: London - July 2010 Alicante - August 2010 Berlin and Prague - September 2010 (Folsom parties) Barcelona and Gran Canaria September / October 2010 London - October 2010 Miami, Orlando, New York February and March 2011
London United Kingdom

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