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Looking for ANY type of fight/match-bring it on gentlemen!
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darkranger Male 43 Bisexual Open to all
Looking to meet any guy (especially muscled and/or tough) to pro-freestyle-sub wrestling matches. Am also into boxing, kickboxing, gutpunching, fist fights, brawls, and MMA/NHB matches (all with or without any rules/limits/gear/stakes). Like to meet real time-have basment to rumble in or can meet at one of two hotels near me, but will also do cyber and phone matches if too far away. Also looking for a training/workout partner/possibly more-to help keep/get me into better shape and keep me motivated-any takers? Hit me up guys ready to rumble anytime-anywhere here! also don't like what I have listed mentioned something to me, open to most anything. DING DING-Lets Get It On! I won't turn ANYONE away, hope guys give me the same curtesy-maybe a big guy, but looking for action just like anyone else here. Step up and don't be afraid to give this teddy bear a try-you won't be sorry. Ready and waiting guys! Also now am helping a friend at his tung soo do/mma gym as an instructor for the karate classes adn trainer for the MMA so gaining more expeince and getting better everyday!
Summerhill Pennsylvania

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