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Trying to find a Coach wrestling buddy
username sex age sexual seeking
eilrahc01 Male 51 Gay Coach - bodybuilding
I’m 50 years old. 6'1, 200 lbs. I am Novice to wrestling along with working out. I would like to learn more about wrestling., (I have use of a mat room to for practicing at a friend’s home.) Also, I could also use some direction, focus on Weightlifting, I would like to get stronger. The final goal is to get into tournaments. I have memberships to “You Fit” with a guest membership and the 'Y.' (NEED A GOOD FREE TRAINER) I do work and attended classes, Sometimes I may have a crazy schedule, yet I’m willing to meet up, work out. Just be flexible on times I'm willing to learn and work hard to get there if your willing to coach
Phoenix Arizona

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