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barefoot champ is unde-feet-able
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fredlamar Male 61 Straight Wrestling, no sex
looking for opponents for straight submission or pin wrestling matches. am also interested/curious about 'jobbing', though that depends on the 'type'(?) of 'jobbing' required, (by that, i mean 'wrestling hold jobbing', fine; nipple-pinching/slapping non-'wrestling' jobbing....not so much.) since i primarily wrestle barefoot, , wrestling barefoot opponents/barefoot-finish matches, where the winner uses his feet to 'punish' the loser, is a plus with me. another one is your ability to host, since i'm not @ liberty to these days. am available most times of day, as my biz is flexible.. having said that, however, if you're not serious about hooking up to wrestle, DO NOT CONTACT ME! i've dealt with enough flake-outs and talkers on this site already (and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!), so, if you're not in the l.a. area , and can't host, PLEASE don't waste EITHER of our times, particularly MINE. also, if you message me, LEAVE CONTACT INFO/E-MAIL ADDRESS FOR RESPONSE, as i'm not a premium member, 'kay? I've gotten some nice responses recently, but if I can't get a hold of you, we'll never be able to hook up, savvy? So here's to your (or my) de-FEET! (lol)
Los Angeles California

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