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Looking for friends, fun, and new experiences!
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freebyrd1971 Male 47 Bisexual Open to all
I am an open-minded, curious, experimental, male. I used to wrestle years ago in highschool, and dabbled in pro wrestling and 'Toughman' amateur style boxing matches for a short time, before injuries forced me to give that up. I am looking for friendly, safe, matches, focusing on learning new holds and styles, while providing a supplement to my daily workout routine. I am open to erotic matches and experiences, both on and off the mats. I have lost over 80 pounds the last few years, and I hope this will be an enhancement to my work out program. I'm not looking for intense competition, just fun and exercise. Unfortunately, I haven't always taken the best care of myself, and I have a few nagging injuries that keep me from being ultra competitive. Most of my experience is in folkstyle with limited pro training but open to new experiences and styles. Unfortunately, I can't host, or meet weekdays. If you're remotely interested I'd love to hear from you; hopefully we can work something out!
Centralia Illinois

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