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gilgamesh Male 58 Gay Fighting with sex
I like mixing wrestling with boxing or MMA-style gloves (I own two pair of the latter, and they have now been broken in *and* christened) or close-in bareknucks, if you want to go that far - it's my preference, but I'm not tied to it. Limits respected and punches pulled -- but as a couple of guys around here now know, not by much: we'll both be leaving this uninjured but hurtin' in that really special way. Body *and* head shots, both safely but pointedly given and taken. Throw in some rip action (especially involving suit and tie, but jeans and t-shirt will do just fine), and I'm in hog heaven. And I do it all for fun, guys, not because I have anything to prove. If you wanna go to KO, do it on your own time. I'm on here to have a good time and maybe meet up with someone on my wavelength. If there's anything beyond that, bonus points all around. The body is a work in progress, as all good ones should be. I lift 4 times a week, with a current max bench of 285 on a good day, 240 on a not. Powerlifter bod: I'm not centrefold material, but trust me that you'll know you've been tackled to the floor. Can travel within reason. Can host, if you're not allergic to cats. And if things work out, I know a great place for breakfast. I'm at the stage where I'm seriously looking for a significant other -- not desperate, but simply exploring any and all options. Prefer someone my own age, but not tied to it. Older or younger is fine, but have your head screwed on tight. If you bail in the middle of a conversation or email exchange, your loss, as far as I'm concerned. If you send me a cruise, and I dont respond, it doesnt mean I'm not interested, just caught up in real life. Finally, IF YOU'RE PARTNERED, let me know AHEAD of time -- and by that, I mean, 'Does your partner know about this?'
Mebane North Carolina
Montreal Quebec
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