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I will be in Cleveland april 30 thru may 1 CLAW
username sex age sexual seeking
gladiator Male 54 Gay Fighting with sex
PRO, pro-Jobber & heel. As a jobber I do fight back,you'll have earn it. Learning to be a good heel. If you are smaller than me or close like to heel too.If we do body shots I want to feel them,. I love the rough body contact. My idea of Pro is that you still feel it, its just safer than Low skilled guy here but,if you roll for fun and don't take it like a try out for the fighting shows, I am your guy. * FANTASY/ROLE PLAY* -I love this stuff. Have done a few different kinds. Everything from gladiators wrestling over control of a weapon *EROTIC*-Yes if its how it turns out and there is interest on both sides. Suffered a major injury(triceps ripped off the bone,surgically repaired) Lifting and working out again. Getting there but no competitive stuff. Now just fun and staying on one piece .
Chicago Illinois

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