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grapevineme Male 26 Gay Wrestling with sex
I'd consider myself a jobber. But I also do even matches. I absolutely do not heel though, I would just make a fool of myself :p I like plenty of holds, grapevine is my no. 1, but I also enjoy bearhugs, scissors (body and head), nelsons, chokes, and others. I usually prefer receiving but I can give too for some of them (not really pins though). I do really enjoy when a dominant guy pins me down and tries to make me suffer. I'm quite flexible so I can probably withstand your grapevine no problem ;) but we'll just have to see. I'm also interested in learning some of the more technical things (like for greco and collegiate). I make a lot of exceptions, so don't be shy if you don't think I'll like you, but if you're significantly older than me, and you say 'I could be your father' you'll get instantly blocked.
Chicago Illinois

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