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Looking for a muscular or chubby man to do some naked role-play boxing with.
username sex age sexual seeking
kodboxer3 Male 28 Straight Boxing, no sex
I will NOT meet or talk to anyone that doesn't have a profile photo. I also will NOT meet anyone who has no RECOMMENDATIONS or PAST OPPONENTS. This is for my SAFETY as well as yours. This is the internet and we are all strangers, so references are a must. NO EXCEPTIONS. I am also NOT into wrestling. I also do NOT give out my phone number since I do all my communication here on GlobalFight. Ask me what other fight fetish sites I am on if you want to connect there as well. Now that all of that has been said... I like gloving up for some fun NUDE ROLE-PLAY BOXING with both women and men. I prefer to be the jobber, but can be a heel as well. All women welcome! With men, I PREFER OLDER MEN who are either BODYBUILDER, THICK, or CHUBBY types. I am NOT INTERESTED in skinny or lean muscle dudes. Prefer to start the match off in shorts, speedos etc., then strip down naked for the rest of the bout. - Kay
Los Angeles California

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