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NYC guy looking for sparring opportunities
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williamconqueror Male 65 Gay Boxing with sex
NYC guy looking for sparring opportunities with guys who have some experience, even if only a little, involving light to moderate head and/or body punching. I'm a gear nut and have an array of vintage and modern boxing gloves, trunks, briefs, shoes, cups and headgear. Especially love infighting, clinching and working 'on the ropes'. Interested in both erotic and non-erotic encounters. I like chatting, but not endlessly - ultimately I'm looking for actual meetings where we slip on the gloves, go at it, and explore this fantastic manly sport. I will 'send you an email,' but I'd appreciate it if you not make me write a short novel only to have you ignore it and not respond. Overseas visitors especially welcome because most of you actually seem to show up when you say you will; had some great bouts with several of you. Not into wrestling; please don't ask.
New York New York

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