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You are NOT at risk on this site because of the breach of Cloudfare hosted websites.

We have had more than a few inquiries from our members concerning this security issue, so let us put the issue to rest. We do not use any of Cloudfare's services. We prefer to manage our own security.

Cloudflare hosts six million websites, spreading them across the Internet to put them closer to customers while at the same time reducing their exposure to the so-called Distributed Denial of Service attacks that might knock them offline. A bug was discovered in some code that handles some of Cloudfare's services, and that bug exposed users authentication data. Cloudfare has not made the list of affected domains available to the public for "privacy reasons." Individual clients of Cloudfare have taken the initiative to notify their customers of the risk, but many (or most) have not.

We found a list of Cloudfare hosted domains in a Reddit article that pointed to Github. This list contains over 4 million domains, so it will not be easy for you to browse. This list contains domains that are certainly at risk, but it also contains domains that do not use the Cloudfare services that were affected by the vulnerability. If you have accounts on any of the domains in this list, you should change your password on the website in that domain. Some very prominent sites were affected, including FitBit, OKCupid, and Uber.

Article expires: 2018-02-2612288

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