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Usually ike matches w/other fairly similar muscularly built guys for hot exhaustive matches on the mat, ring &/or arena -------E
Hi, l've always enjoyed wrestling from watching it on old rabbit ears TV to wrestling my cousins during the holidays.. Where l would encourage and wrestling favorite little shy and hot looking cousin Tommy and then coming home with grass and dirt stains on my suit needs an elbow. It was well worth it even after my mom pulling my ear and scolding me in Greek and broken English even though she was born outside of Boston.. And after college I moved to my new apartment in Manhattan. And lucky for me and others those are new club just forming golden New York Wrestling Club.So l became a member in the seventies . We had lots of fun from mosly going for submission, freestyle wrestling and some boxing some Pro..l even got into some gladiator Spartacus like role-playing fights which I got some of the members turned on to.And later I joined ISWEATS in 1980 learning collegiate for a few years And later in the late 70's I got more and more involved with some LGBT civil rights/ and later at the first wave of AIDS & its healthcare crisis along with being a homelessness activist and some other issues..And all that started taking away more and more of my time from wrestling and other combat sports. It was difficult to do both..With so many infected or affected it was a matter of life and death for many with so few organizations willing to help was not the time to turn a blind eye and do nothing and just wrestle and party.. I think we needed to share the responsibily and be there for each others. Whether you join an organization or simply lend a help.hand like assisting them to doctors appointments or food shoping / cooking give a visit let them live at you place on your couch on for their time on earth. It all helps. I'm still involved but too a smaller degree now. I wish I could have reduced my involvement sooner cuz it all gourmet down physically and emotionally.Now I've been getting back two doing one of the things I like to do most. In joining groups like this we continue to explore our primal and combative instincts..By going one on one with another in shape guy who respects taking care of his body just as much as l do..And getting down on the mats, or in the ring with very little on just trunks, jocks nude with just our hands or gloves, fighting one-on-one to submission/ to a pin Tapout or in Freestyle horsing around. Whether its done competitively or in Pro Style it's fighting for dominance or feeling the agony of defeat and humiliation..It.s all high we get raising our adrenaline/endorphins levels during and after the fight. Its a great way to shake loose and and stay in fit at the same time. I've been for many years close to to my weight about 145 more or less, and still feel and look in pretty good shape at a height of 5'6'. Thou short my chest is about 39', biceps 12 1/2', waist 30', quads22' just made up short pretty unprofessional looking video but nevertheless I hope you.ll like with some abs and chest pounding like King Kong haha.. Let me know what you think thanks. I wish I can beef up like many other guys on here, I guess its my metabolism that's keeping me trim. But if you folks how I can gain a little more weight say up 15 lb let me know please thanks. I very much prefer wrestling/fighting with guys close to my size & weight. But so many guys on this site looking in great condition Its hard to turn them down. But l very much want to stay within my weight and near my height class for more even's easier to lift carry and roll around with them on the mats. And if our chemistry and is in sych with the right guy then size doesn't matter too much as long as we're careful as with any other match. And if it's mutual love to get into some abs with body punching give in take. I have some triggers like nipple a navel play is always very hot along with facesitting and everything else with the right guy. .By the way there is a growing intertest from guys here who are o enjoy watching and hopefully want to participate in gladiator role-playing fighting, like in the arenas throughout the Roman Empire. With my profile mentioning it, I'm getting messages from other guys telling me they dig the stuff I hav'd written down here and are curious to to find out more with this primal man to man struggle for domination.. Guys tell me their main interest is gladiator fights then wrestling followed by boxing or martial arts. I noticed how the guys on this site and other sites tell me how they love watching and want to learn how to fight like a Spartacus. So I'm hoping to get together some like- minded Fighters during wrestlefest 2018 and have a Romanfest or Gladiatorfest.. Are you one of them? Then you've came to the right place. So let me know if you're interested Plenty say here they like fighting wearing Under Armour. But some of us here dig fighting with leather and Metal OverArmour gear on.. that look is much more primal then fabrics. That's my particular case I'm sure all this year agree. That doesn't mean I don't wear under armour.. I certainly couldn't do that at the eagle's nest unless it's Halloween LOL Yep there plenty of us here who get excited and would love fight either as a retiarius like I usually go for or as a secutor the fighter with the sword and shield wearing those handsome Gladiator helmet. To me and others it's not just the physical combative struggle but also the look of a athlete in gladiator gear is a powerful turn on. You don't have to be the athlete but just being great condition okay? So if the sounds of those swords and shields clashing against tridents held by those scantily clad retiatius' with their nets are your just ask me. By the way with the price of gladiator armor nowadays, l needed to make some of my on my own. Some say here that week that gear you see heat all looks very hot and I would love to try it on . .. But anyway getting back to wrestling l recently bought pair of black leather Pro boots I haven't broken them in yet. If you got a pair and you're interested and also in pretty good shape and size similar let me know okay thanks. In pro boots and speedos l like being either a jobber or heel and more if the chemisty is right. Did I forget anything else here. This profile never seems to be complete. Well I'll need to keep editing it from time to time. Boy It Ain't Easy editing on the smartphone.. Thanks again for reading my profile and seeing my photos. I hope you like them enough to give me Vote here. So take care be safe with who meeting.. keep enjoying this great website for wrestlers and other fighters here. Bye. George
CityState/Country  My Distance
Manhattan  New York  US   mi./ km.
Sexuality Gay sexual
Astrological sign Generous and warmhearted, Creative and enthusiastic, Broad-minded and expansive, Faithful and loving
Pompous and patronizing, Bossy and interfering, Dogmatic and intolerant
Age 67
Height 5 ft/5 in - 5 ft/6 in (164-168 cm)
Weight 143 lbs, 65 kg, 10.2 stone
Primary InterestMixed Wrestling 
PhysiqueSemi Hairy Athletic Build 
Sexually IsVersatile 
GearSpeedo's, Squares, jocks,, boots,gladiator gear 
Ethnic Origin/RaceWhite 
from 19 to 72 years old
Safe SexAlways 
Is SeekingMixed Wrestling 
Languages Greek English
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Last Update 3 wks
Date Joined 3 yrs

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