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The Country Firemanmuscldestrctn24-Jun-2016
My First Squash HeelOtterstud14-May-2016
Wrestletoy Declaration<anonymous>30-Apr-2016
Being duped, is not really that badnutz4muscle13-Apr-2016
Muscleboy humiliatedhercules_submission03-Apr-2016
The Tenant - Wrestling, muscle domination gay romancescuz6411-Mar-2016
Alex's Legs, a bodyscissor storychris_in_maine02-Mar-2016
Truckers destroy muscle boy<anonymous>20-Feb-2016
Fireman's Carry IV...Dragon's FireDenver117-Feb-2016
the unexpected fight10-Feb-2016
BB vs Leatherdad Pro Match - SetupOtterstud23-Jan-2016
My first squash match.Spandex6908-Jan-2016
Dominating a Muscleboy with Multiple Sleeper Holds - TRUE STORYdominate3829-Dec-2015
gay wrestling tournament - PART 2italian198025-Dec-2015
gay wrestling tournament - PART 1italian198025-Dec-2015
The New Guyfloridafun19-Dec-2015
Lee and Tom - Tom's Job InterviewBulginBob26-Nov-2015
Lee and JerryBulginBob24-Nov-2015
Lee and JerryBulginBob24-Nov-2015
Fighting Neighbors - Army vs Marine - PART IBulginBob24-Nov-2015
Young master shares slave<anonymous>22-Nov-2015
war of 2hairy mans armpit vs armpit21-Nov-2015
Two muscle dads work it out on the mats. nutz4muscle17-Nov-2015
My first time fm8214-Nov-2015
Fireman's Carry III...BustedDenver113-Nov-2015
Fireman's Carry II...The RookiesDenver124-Oct-2015
Sharing a pussy after a fight<anonymous>21-Oct-2015
Fireman's CarryDenver128-Sep-2015
BARSTOOL TURF FIGHT - Part Four - Conclusiontufftittie15-Sep-2015
BARSTOOL TURF FIGHT Part Threetufftittie15-Sep-2015
BARSTOOL TURF FIGHT - Part Onetufftittie14-Sep-2015
BARSTOOL TURF FIGHT - Part Twotufftittie14-Sep-2015
Hercules and the Strongmen Part 1wresmoke24-Aug-2015
Father vs son hardwrestle21-Aug-2015
Make Him Suffer - Part 1workovertheguy08-Aug-2015
Make Him Suffer - Part 2workovertheguy08-Aug-2015
Apres' Ski Match...The Nordic WolfDenver103-Aug-2015
Man of the Housefabian17-Jul-2015
Personal trainer<anonymous>10-Jul-2015
camping leads to cousins fist fightingabergeron25-Jun-2015
Father and Son Wrestling... Charlie In the Ring Chapter 3canwrestle17-Jun-2015
Wrestler VS. Football Player, Part 2<anonymous>16-Jun-2015
Meet French Champion RENE SEBASTIAN & Challenger Freddie "he Mighty Mouse"Sourisdavid_monster13-Jun-2015
Wrestler VS. Football Player, Part 1<anonymous>31-May-2015
Lose a fight but keeps a woman happy!vicmorania17-May-2015
ENDURANCE FLOGGINGflog_em17-May-2015
Awsome Erotic Starter Match Round 2dickstiffly13-May-2015
Squashed pt. 3romers10-May-2015
Awesome Erotic Starter Match fixdickstiffly08-May-2015
Mauler Versus Fabian match 4 (warning, very violent content!)fabian05-May-2015
Mauler Versus Fabian Match 3fabian03-May-2015
Mauler Versus Fabian Match Twofabian01-May-2015
Mauler Versus Fabian: Match 1fabian26-Apr-2015
Slater Jackson Vs. Sirslater_jackson18-Apr-2015
Old guy in the desert. romers17-Apr-2015
Slater Jackson Vs. The Roper15-Apr-2015
My Asshole Dadcockfightdude11-Apr-2015
ROWDY ARMSTRONG - Wrestling's New Golden Boy: Meet Bravon. david_monster14-Mar-2015
Male fight<anonymous>12-Mar-2015
Revenge is sweetnutz4muscle05-Mar-2015
"heaven" resortnutz4muscle28-Feb-2015
WTF just happened? nutz4muscle27-Feb-2015
Darker vs Lighter Sexfight, by Romanticjock and Stevie68stevie6816-Feb-2015
Squash on videophiknn07-Feb-2015
ROWDY ARMSTRONG - Wrestling's New Golden Boydavid_monster03-Feb-2015
Magnus Slater's Oz Summermattbearman31-Jan-2015
Father and Son Wrestling.... Charlie In The Ring Chapter 2 canwrestle04-Jan-2015
Dad vs Dad and Son vs Son match northeast100103-Jan-2015
Finally Wrestling Erotically68BRALMIC28-Dec-2014
SQUASHED pt.2romers27-Dec-2014
The RageDenver122-Dec-2014
Tagteamed FantasyBearegard6914-Dec-2014
Jon's Gutpunchingseattle_puncher12-Dec-2014
Sexfight stevie6809-Dec-2014
SQUASHED pt.1romers02-Dec-2014
Dad Son vs Dad Son matchup progresses to private battlenortheast100121-Nov-2014
Flash Gordon on Mongotarzan15-Nov-2014
Flash Gordon on Mongotarzan15-Nov-2014
Small White wrestler vs large black wrestler22-Oct-2014
The Ex Marine vs the Latino teen<anonymous>14-Oct-2014
The pygmies abuse tarzan<anonymous>04-Oct-2014
A Good Deed RewardedDenver116-Sep-2014
Hot Town - Summer in the CityArrow25-Aug-2014
Rip and strip fight over a jobjulio22-Aug-2014
Dad Son Locker Room Challengenortheast100121-Aug-2014
From Stranger to Crush---The Rematchphxwrstl15-Aug-2014
Basketball Stud (5) - Last in the seriesArrow13-Aug-2014
The Moocher and the Guy Nextdoor<anonymous>10-Aug-2014
From Stranger to Crushphxwrstl31-Jul-2014
The Cancelled FlightDenver130-Jul-2014
LANDSCAPER'S SCISSORSconnecticutjobber25-Jul-2014
Basketball Stud (4)Arrow15-Jul-2014
The Masseur Denver112-Jul-2014
A True First Wrestling Experiencecanwrestle06-Jul-2014
Dad Son Wrestling Tournamentnortheast100103-Jul-2014
got beaten to a pulp by a big Nigerianvicmorania03-Jul-2014
Big Ballbusting Bear Match <anonymous>26-Jun-2014
The Tennantscuz6421-Jun-2014
Basketball Stud (3)arrow19-Jun-2014
Father and Son Wrestling .... Charlie In The Ringcanwrestle17-Jun-2014
quarterback caught wearing girlfriends panties by dadcddawg08-Jun-2014
Love Thy Neighbor? - 6 <anonymous>03-Jun-2014
Love Thy Neighbor? - 5 <anonymous>02-Jun-2014
Love Thy Neighbor? - 4 <anonymous>01-Jun-2014
Love Thy Neighbor? - 3 <anonymous>30-May-2014
Love Thy Neighbor? - 2 <anonymous>29-May-2014
Where Am I? Oh yeah! I'm wrestling!rhodywrestlefreak29-May-2014
Love Thy Neighbor? - 1 /// Couple Sexfight story <anonymous>27-May-2014
Couple sexfight - Cockfight in front of their wives <anonymous>22-May-2014
Louise’s Story. Fighting Leads to Sex.<anonymous>22-May-2014
College students cockfight <anonymous>22-May-2014
Father and Son Wrestling "The Coach" Chapter 3canwrestle21-May-2014
basketball stud...please continue Arrow!!!<anonymous>14-May-2014
Basketball Stud - Part 2Arrow13-May-2014
PRIVATE WRESTLING CLUB: II The ebony giant and the young manwayukay07-May-2014
PRIVATE WRESTLING CLUB. Part One: Zeus' Wrestling Club.wayukay06-May-2014
Karate Man by Gym Dude (reposted story from an old closed website)boxtpntx03-May-2014
Tarzan Fights The Chief's Son<anonymous>28-Apr-2014
My first Dad vs Dad and Son vs Son cockfightnortheast100105-Apr-2014
my smaller friend did the same to meundersbp09-Mar-2014
Epic CYBER erotic male cat fight -- since I lost I had to postdgold07-Mar-2014
Smaller friend<anonymous>07-Mar-2014
LARS vs. PATRICK One I foundbloodyjobber06-Mar-2014
The Gut Punching, Ballbusting, Navel Torturing, Burglar - History Lesson Pt. 3hundredand03-Mar-2014
Big Old WOODSMAN and the Bullballs the travellermattbearman28-Feb-2014
Father and Son wrestling "The Coach" Chapter 2 canwrestle23-Feb-2014
Wrestling Season from SERVICE by David Monsterdavid_monster11-Feb-2014
The young neighbour boy part threewrestlefannl06-Feb-2014
The young neighbourboy part 2wrestlefannl06-Feb-2014
The Taxi Ride wrestleuinla04-Feb-2014
The night a pain-pig/jobber was created.beachsub28-Jan-2014
Heavyweight Asiabeast takes the Bulgarian Heavyweightmattbearman24-Jan-2014
First Match with my Cousinminebuster9310-Dec-2013
First Oil matchavgguy2927-Nov-2013
Father and Son Wrestling "The Coach" Chapter 1canwrestle18-Nov-2013
Father and Son Wrestling canwrestle17-Nov-2013
An Alpha Fantasywrestling_coach22-Oct-2013
April 2013 Encounter…mattbearman06-Oct-2013
Father and Son Wrestling "The Vacation" Chapter 2canwrestle20-Sep-2013
Dream matchsoccstff131-Aug-2013
the bearhugger champ vs the massive hairy bull !!!bearhuggingchamp30-Aug-2013
the young neighbour boywrestlefannl25-Aug-2013
Father and Son Wrestling "The Vacation" Chapter 1 canwrestle20-Aug-2013
Father Vs Father Son Vs Son Chapter 3 The Final Round canwrestle30-Jul-2013
Warrior: A Fighter’s Odyssey - Chapter 3: Foot Ballers' Fightmars57328-Jul-2013
Father VS Father Son Vs Son Chapter 3 Round 2canwrestle27-Jul-2013
Father Vs Father Son Vs Son Chapter 3 ROUND 1canwrestle25-Jul-2013
Father Vs Father Son Vs Son Chapter 2 canwrestle23-Jul-2013
Father and Son Wrestlers CHAPTER 1canwrestle22-Jul-2013
British Bulldog takes German Tankmattbearman27-Jun-2013
Basketball Stud - Part 1Arrow25-Jun-2013
Father Son Gut Punching - History Lesson Pt. 2hundredand21-Jun-2013
Mud Wrestlingvangar11-Jun-2013
"Warrior: A Fighter's Odyssey - CHAPTER 2 - Pool Party Punkout!mars57301-May-2013
Brother vs Brother- Reluctantlymidwestheel21-Apr-2013
Camping Trip wrestleuinla02-Mar-2013
"Warrior: A Fighter's Odyssey - CHAPTER 1 - Over-the-Border Beatdown!mars57323-Feb-2013
Corporate Rivals- Part SixHaberdasher23-Feb-2013
Erotic Mud BattleMudnMuckWrestler19-Feb-2013
CorporateRivals- Part FiveHaberdasher10-Feb-2013
A Young Cumming Outgoldboy03-Feb-2013
Career Day Part 2heytuffguy03-Feb-2013
Tag Team: The Grapplin’ Grizzlies Dale And Jeff Vs. Surfer Boys Randy Orndorff And The Young Sheikmichael7520402-Feb-2013
A walk on the wild sidesoccstff101-Feb-2013
Corporate Rivals- Part Four- "Changes"Haberdasher26-Jan-2013
dominated by crossdressing friendMr_Thong20-Jan-2013
History Lessonhundredand20-Jan-2013
Corporate Rivals- Part ThreeHaberdasher18-Jan-2013
Corporate Rivals- Part TwoHaberdasher11-Jan-2013
Corporate Rivals-Part OneHaberdasher05-Jan-2013
New Neighbor <anonymous>05-Jan-2013
Hercules Meets Mustaphmattbearman17-Dec-2012
Hot sex with a hairy Asian.newwrestler15-Dec-2012
Indian Fight Story 1samrat11-Dec-2012
Indian Fight Story 2samrat11-Dec-2012
A FARMER IS GUTPUNCHEDbigbellypuncher19-Nov-2012
Childhood Dream 3samrat13-Nov-2012
Childhood Dream samrat13-Nov-2012
Childhood Dream 2samrat13-Nov-2012
speedo matchlovetowrestle09-Nov-2012
Full MoonCockfightstevie6809-Nov-2012
Older vs Younger Cockfightstevie6807-Nov-2012
speedo match<anonymous>06-Nov-2012
Face sit torture.<anonymous>13-Oct-2012
Career Dayheytuffguy13-Oct-2012
The match of a lifetime<anonymous>08-Oct-2012
Blonde Vs Brunette Cockfightstevie6808-Oct-2012
My Cockfight Rematch by Dick Wilcox bloodyjobber07-Oct-2012
My Thursday Cockfight by Dick Wilcoxbloodyjobber07-Oct-2012
ultimate sacrifice pt2<anonymous>02-Oct-2012
ultimate sacrifice pt1<anonymous>02-Oct-2012
Nasty Cockfightstevie6828-Sep-2012
Ex-Champ's Lesson by The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
One Step Beyond by The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Tag Champ's Downfall by The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Gym Bully's Lesson by The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
TUFF-TONY’S LESSON by Crusherbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
TUFF-TONY S LESSON - Part Two - by Crusherbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
TUFF-TONY -- BASHED ON THE BEACH by Crusherbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Tony’s Destiny by Crusherbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
TANGO by Crusherbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Scott Receives a Delivery by Crusherbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Scott Receives a Delivery by Crusherbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
MUSCLE-COP CHALLENGE by Crusherbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
TagTeam Defeat by The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
The Takeover by The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
The Gym Exchange by The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Wrestle-Stud Destruction ? by Crusherbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Brothers wrestling <anonymous>12-Sep-2012
Battle Royal Massacre II By The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Battle Royal Massacre By The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Bodybuilder's Destruction by The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Brian by The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
The Showdown by The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Robert’s Ball Bashing by The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Spring Break Nightmare by The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Punk's Vengeance by The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Champ's Mistake by The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
A Family Affair (Redneck Arena) by The Manglerbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Who’s the Man Now? by Crusherbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
My First Boxing Lesson by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Warehouse Punk IV by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Warehouse Punk V by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Warehouse Punk VI by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Warehouse Punk VII by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Warehouse Punk VIII by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Going Shopping I by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Going Shopping II: The Park by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Going Shopping III by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Going Shopping IV-- The Park-Round 3 by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
My Education by Gym Dbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Going Shopping V The Garage by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Growing Up by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
WORKOUT IN THE PARK by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Gang Warfare by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Warehouse Punk III by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Warehouse Punk II by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Warehouse Punk by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
The Wrestler by Gym Dudebloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
The Bookstore by Cocky Punkbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
The Fireman by Cocky Punkbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Max's Last Match By Cocky Punkbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Big Brother to the Rescue! By Crusherbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Crusher’s Holiday Experience by Crusherbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
The Real Heel by Cocky Punkbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
The Quarterback Controversy by Cocky Punkbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
The Rematch by Cocky Punkbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Wrestling Weekend Part 1 by The Defensemanbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Wrestling Weekend Part II: The Rematch By: The Defensemanbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Wrestling Weekend Part III: Friendship Destroyed by The Defensemanbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
The Next Level: The Defenseman vs. El Macho Gabacho By: The Defensemanbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Ben vs The Bear by The Defensemanbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Collision Course by ChancyUKClawbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
The Set-Up by Cocky Punkbloodyjobber12-Sep-2012
Wrestling Rape (One I found)bloodyjobber11-Sep-2012
FOREST COMBAT cybermusclegrind08-Sep-2012
FOREST COMBAT - RETURN MATCHcybermusclegrind08-Sep-2012
hotel muscle match (pt2)soccstff130-Aug-2012
hotel muscle match (pt1)<anonymous>29-Aug-2012
Online Wrestling Buddybloodyjobber15-Aug-2012
The Deadly Power of the Schoolboy Pinbloodyjobber15-Aug-2012
The Power of the Schoolboy Pin (PART 2) bloodyjobber15-Aug-2012
‘JUNGLE KING VS MUSCLE KING – THE REMATCH!’cybermusclegrind12-Aug-2012
Bull v Jerzy cybermusclegrind26-Jul-2012
extreme fight<anonymous>23-Jul-2012
SCRAPPING STOKERScybermusclegrind23-Jul-2012
PRIVATE MATCHcybermusclegrind22-Jul-2012
Target Wrestling, from the WEBwrestlinglb19-Jul-2012
Ancient Amazon Sex Fighting (Found on the web)bloodyjobber18-Jul-2012
Muscle Freak v.s. Twink (Not my story)bloodyjobber18-Jul-2012
Rōnin (Part 1)PghBoxerBoy28-Jun-2012
First meet - ass poundwolflutte14-Jun-2012
Repair Manwrestlinglb05-Jun-2012
Rocky's the best undersbp08-May-2012
Warehouse Fightstrongnsilenttype04-May-2012
Samson Challanges Lotharmattbearman14-Apr-2012
Kj the great.GreekBoy9429-Mar-2012
tight jeans matchlovetowrestle16-Mar-2012
Wrestling for the GradeGreekBoy9410-Mar-2012
Me and my dad...bamafight30-Jan-2012
I'm glad you like to fight!bamafight27-Jan-2012
Re: One Hot Weekend<anonymous>25-Jan-2012
One hot weekend....bamafight25-Jan-2012
Parking Lot Match (True Story)manbrawl22-Jan-2012
bully humiliated by younger wrestling studs<anonymous>07-Jan-2012
A summer at the CabinwrestlingLB07-Jan-2012
True Life StorySpeedo_Wrestler_8402-Jan-2012
Wrestling in leather pantsnocalwrestlebob14-Dec-2011
Mystery Squash-Small destroys Bignightstranger28-Nov-2011