My Thursday Cockfight by Dick Wilcox
Please note: this story is pure fiction
I was lucky enough to be in a nude sexfight on Thursday evening and I wanted to take the time to tell you all about it. Out of respect for his privacy I will call my opponent ‘Rick.’

Rick is 38, about 5’9” and 160 pounds. He lives in Carson City. We met through an online site last year and he is a good guy in and out of competition. Rick was feeling natsy last week and challenged me to a first to cum cockfight. I accepted and we met on Thursday night at the Peppermill Casino here in Reno. We had dinner first in their coffee shop. It was Rick, me and my girlfriend “Angie.” Dinner was good but it was tense. Rick was itching for action. I was looking forward to it, but Rick clearly was into it more than I was. All during dinner while the three of us talked, Rick would inject snide comments about his prowess or how I am not able to control my cum.

After dinner the three of us went up to room 941, the spa suite Angie and I had reserved. This is one of the reasons we had our match on Thursday. Rooms like this are much cheaper on a weeknight. When we got into the room Angie and I were both expecting to engage in some more small talk before getting down to business. But after we got in there and I locked the door behind us, Rick was already starting to strip out of his clothes, tossing them into the bathroom. Angie looked at him, and then over to me, gave me a gentle kiss, and told me to make her proud, as only she can. Angie went over to the corner of the room by the window over looking the city. She left the curtains open.

When my attention went back to Rick he was already nude, and his cock was fully hard. I noted he had shaved off all of his pubic hair, which was something new for him. I took off my clothes, but I was not as quick about it. I wanted to have him feel isolated in his erect nudity. I don’t think it worked. As I stripped down we went over the three basic rules of our match. The same three I always have. No fists. Keep it Sane. And Leave the Balls out Of It. Fun is fun, but I may want to have kids someday.

The last thing I took off was my briefs. I was anxious about the match and being watched by Angie. This had started to bring my cock to life. But I was no where near as hard as Rick was. Rick was physically smaller than I am. I had some weight and a couple of inches on him. But his cock clearly out classed mine. Rick was a solid seven inches in length compared to my six. But mine is thicker.

Rick made the first move by using his signature move. He came at me grabbed my shoulders, thrust his hips and slammed his hard into mine. This caused our cocks to move up and his hardness smacked into my cock, pressing it to my body. I grunted feeling his cock assault mine in his well practiced move. Rick arched again pressing his hard cock to mine again. I grunted and moved to the side so he could not use the move a third time. I didn’t look but I heard Angie’s mmmmmm watching us. Rick opted to put me into a front headlock and turned on the pressure. I grunted again feeling the strength of his arm on my head. His hold did not last to long however as I was able wrap my arms around his legs at the knees and pull his legs out from under him. Rick fell backward and in doing so lost hold of my head before he bounced the side of the bed and onto his back on the floor. I lost hold of Rick’s right leg but I still had his left. So I moved my grip to his foot and WRENCHED it over twisting it hard. He yelled out letting me know how well my hold was working. The angle Angie was seeing us at gave her a full view of Rick’s cock and balls which were fully on display from the way I held his leg raised. She told me later she liked how his cock was full and ready for action, but useless to him as I held the hold. Angie loves to watch two naked men compete. And I often reap the rewards of her fetish. Holding onto Rick’s foot I pivoted over and turned half way around to get Rick’s leg between mine, in the hope of turning him over onto his stomach. But just as soon as I was turned Rick launched his free foot into the back of my left knee. I fell down onto my left knee and lost my hold on the captive foot. I turned around on my knee just in time to see Rick rolling to his knees. We both move forward and locked up on our knees. But Rick was able to get me into another front headlock. He turned on the pressure and I got nasty. I reached up with my left hand, found his hard cock, took a firm grip and started to stroke him off. It took a few seconds but he finally grunted in reaction to my stroking of his longer weapon. I was stroking at a medium pace but I had a full grip on his member. Rick leaned back some working the headlock, pulling on my neck and squeezing my head! I groaned out in pain and my stroking of his cock slowed some. But I regained my focus and started to work his cock faster now. My head hurt and my neck did not like the pull of the odd position he was putting me into. But I knew as long as his arms were busy holding onto me, his cock was defenseless. I have gotten out of headlocks this way before. And in the same vane, I have lost headlocks to a vigorous cock stroking. My manipulation of my opponent’s longer cock worked as his arm slackened and I pulled my head free. My head was throbbing from the pressure of his strong arm. I got back up but I did not stop my cock jacking of Rick. He froze for a moment. Looking at me for a moment, his mouth opened partly, sucking in a slow deep breath. I do not know if he was stealing a few seconds of the pleasure only the hand of another man can provide, or if he was distracted by the sensations I was using his cock to pump up his spine. But for a few seconds my opponent was on his knees as I fully controlled his weapon. Angie told me later that it made me look very good to her. Finally Rick brought his hands to my wrist and stopped my pleasuring of his cock. I had fully expected this move for it was pretty much the only one he had, for Rick could not return the stroke. I had too much of a head start on him. And the second he took hold of my wrist I lunged forward into his body with mine chest first. I knocked Rick over onto his back, his head almost hitting the hotel room wall. We struggled for a few seconds with me on top of my foe. But I was able to hold his left arm out to the side and I rolled onto my side, his arm under my upper ribs. It was not comfortable at all, but I had his left arm pinned under me. Rick went to roll to the left, I assume to get on top of me. I will never know for sure because I grabbed his right hand and I rolled back at him using my size to my advantage putting him on his back. I used the leverage to put his right hand on the floor above his head and locking it under my left hand, my hand over the bottom of his wrist. While Rick focused on getting his right hand free (I am glad he is left handed) I hooked his left ankle with my right leg and pulled it over, scissoring it between the ankle and calf. It is not a painful hold, but it held is leg as I pulled it over spreading his legs somewhat. With Rick’s left arm under my torso, his right arm held down at the wrist with my left hand, and his leg held between my legs, his cock was vulnerable as my right hand took a hold of it, and I started to stroke him slowly at first to get it going, then faster with a full grip. I had him good. “Nooooo!” came out of Rick’s mouth as his hips thrust into the air. He struggled as I worked his member. It felt hot in my hand and I could feel the veins as I rubbed him. “My Cum! You Bastard!” I stroked Rick hard and fast. I showed his cock no mercy. Angie had a full view of my control and power of over my opponent and sexuality. My arm was starting to tire when I heard the first of Rick’s submissions. “I Give Up!” I moaned a little hearing that. It was affirmation to my power and the power of my sexuality. “I Give! Uncle! Stop!” I knew the match was all mine when I heard Rick starting to plead with me. “Don’t Do It. Don’t Make Me!” I verbally reacted again hearing how Rick was loosing control of his own orgasm. Finally Rick yelled out “NOOOOOO!” and sperm came shooting out of his captive cock. I pulled 4 or 5 good spurts of looser fluid out of him, I hoped draining every last drop of white humiliation out of his body. I eased my stroke to a stop and let go of Rick. Victory to me!