Becoming Ben's Bitch
Please note: this story is pure fiction
I've always been the handsome kid in high school. Senior year, 6'1" with an athletic build and chestnut hair. I was captain of the basketball team and I'd always done pretty well with girls. I guess i was pretty cocky.
I'd never been in a fight, much to my dads annoyance. He'd tease me about it and we'd rough house from time to time.
Things all changed one day after practice. As I was leaving the shower a younger kid, Ben, barged me in the changing rooms. He almost knocked me off my feet! "Watch it asshole"
"Why, what are you gonna do about it?"
Can you believe the cheek of this kid? A year Younger than me, probably 6" shorter and here he was giving me shit! My buddy's were watching, I couldn't let this stand.
I shoved the kid with one hand, using the other to hold up my towel which was the only thing I had on. He barely moved, immediately recoiling with a two handed shove which sent me to the floor. Within a second he was on top of me, putting one hand over my face, pinning my head to the floor and raining blows with the other hand. I lashed out helplessly but not being able to see i couldn't connect. This guy was strong, his muscles weren't huge but his lithe strength made me feel pretty helpless. Worse still, my towel had come loose and I was completely naked.
Eventually the blows stopped. I backed away toward the wall and he stood over me. I looked up, he stared down triumphant, his muscles tensed and his eyes focused, daring me to come at him again. I couldn't help noticing the size of the package in his briefs - it looked like he was packing. He made me look small! My own dick isn't bad, 7", but the fear and adrenaline had caused it to shrink. I felt completely humiliated as I sat beaten and naked on the floor. "Pussy" he spat and walked away.
The next day was tough. My friends tried to be cool but i felt like they pittied me. Ben was in the changing rooms again after practice. I avoided his gaze but I could tell he was smirking it me. Parading his muscular body around the changing rooms like he was the king. As he we was leaving the shower, I glanced up at him. He was looking right at me and as I looked up he opened the towel, revealing his meaty dick. It was as big soft as mine is hard! I pretended not to see, but we both knew i'd seen. He wanted to show me who the bigger man was.
That weekend I had friends over. We were chilling in the garden when my dad came to join us, handing us all beers. "You lads wanna tell me what really happened to this guy's face then?". I'd been avoiding telling my dad, I knew he'd be pissed. I'd made up some bullshit about falling on my face during practice. "I told you dad, I hit the deck in practice"
"Ha, you definitely hit the deck!" Quipped one of my friends. My dad stared at me. He knew there was more to the story. Later that day, when my friends had gone home, he forced it out of me. I told him I'd been humiliated by a guy younger than me and he was pissed. "You need to learn to be a man boy. I always said you were weak. We're gonna train, and you are gonna show that sack of shit who's the boss, got me?"
I didn't want to agree but I had no choice. Maybe it wasn't a bad idea. Since my humiliation, that kid had really got in my head. I'd even dreamt about him beating me. The night before we were both naked again, the image of his big dick next to my average one was printed on my brain. We'd fight and he would win easily, pinning me to the floor and forcing his pulsing meat in my face. It was depressing and a turn on at the same time. That morning I woke up with wet boxers.
Dad and I trained every day. We used pads and a bag he'd hung in the garage. He showed me takedowns and challenged me to hit him, telling me i had to hit harder. I learnt some moves, and it was kinda cool hanging with dad but I I didn't know if I would ever be as tough as he wanted me to be.
Two weeks of training went by. On the Saturday dad called me into the yard . I put my shorts on and headed out. As I walked through the gate, I stopped in my tracks. There was Ben, stood next to my dad. He had his shirt off and was wearing light gloves - he was ready to fight. "This the punk that beat your ass?"
"Dad, what the fuck!"
"Don't you curse me, time to show this little bitch who's boss"
Ben smirked at me, he looked relaxed and ready to fight. My eyes were drawn to the bulge in his shorts as the adrenaline started to pump around my body and I could feel my hands shaking.
"Get over here and let's get this started"
We faced off and touched gloves. "Let's go"
We circled each other. I Held a tight guard like I'd practiced with dad. Ben was cocky, keeping his hands low but his eyes locked on me. I threw a couple of jabs but he was fast, moving in and countering with punches of his own. I threw a couple of kicks but couldn't connect with much force. Ben kept countering - hard jabs, a hook.
I decided to go for it - I threw a kick which hit him the stomach, and moved in for a combo - I threw two jabs, but only one connected. Ben came back at me with everything he had. I tried to block but it hurt - it felt like we was hitting me everywhere at once, swinging wildly. I fell backwards but he was straight on me, pinning me under his weight he held my hands to the ground and pushed my legs out with his. I could feel the weight of his big dick against my crotch. I struggled but couldn't move him. He looked me dead in the eyes and smiled. "What you gonna do now pussy"
"Fight back Jamie, don't let this little punk beat ya"
I fought back against the helplessness and pulsed my body to shift him off. I pushed him off of me and we grappled on the floor. I tried to put him in a Nelson but he was too strong and fast for me. In a flash, he'd pulled my arm away from me and had me in an arm bar. The pain and fear that he might break my arm were too much to take. I looked over at my dad and saw the look of disappointment on his face... I struggled but I had no choice but to tap.
Dan jumped to his feet and stood over me again. As I slowly stood up, he pushed me down.
"Hey, you won punk. Don't rub it in"
"What are you gonna do old man"
Ben had taken his eyes off me and was locked on my dad, a broad man in his early 50's. "Who are you calling an old man, don't make me beat your ass"
Obviously feeling invincible after beating me, Ben squared up to my dad. I felt like I should do something as a slowly got to my feet, rubbing the arm which Dan had nearly broken, but I felt powerless.
Dad pushed Ben hard. He fell backwards onto the floor. He cursed and immediately lunged at my dad, who blocked it and sent him sprawling again with a right hook. Dan would not give up, jumping straight up again and locking up with my dad. He kicked his legs, and kneed him, I watched as my dads legs buckled and Dan pulled him forwards onto his knees. Was I really watching my dad, the toughest man I knew, get beat by this punk?
My dad stumbled forward and Ben wasted no time locking him in a choke. My dad struggled. Standing up and then slamming on top of Ben with all his weight but he couldn't shift the vice like grip of bens arms. Dad contrinued to struggle before admitting defeat - he tapped, but the kid held on. "Let him go, he tapped!" I yelled, walking toward them to intervene. I watched as my dads eyes closed and his body went limp. Ben had choked him out. Ben laughed as he got to his feet. "Like father like son huh. Guess your dad's a pussy too". I moved closer as Ben stood up but stopped short of squaring up to him - I wasn't keen for another beating.
Ben smirked and looked around the garden before wandering over to the garage. "What the fuck are you doing?" Ben looked back with a blank face "whatever I like", he chuckled. "I'm the man of this house now"
He walked into the garage and I followed him, "get out!" I tried to push him but he grabbed my arms and swept my legs, sending me crashing to the floor. He grabbed my foot and twisted. I was afraid to move incase he broke my ankle. He shifted forward and put his foot across my throat. "When are you gonna learn, I'm the boss" he spat at me. "Who's the boss" I struggled to get lose but he only tightened his grip and I yelped in pain. "Who's the boss?"
"You, I whimpered."
"Good. You're learning your place" he loosened his grip and I recoiled, slowly climbing to my feet.
"Let's take a trip down memory. Take your shorts off. I want you naked, just like the first time I beat you." I shot back a puzzled look "do it"
"No" Ben pushed into me and tore my shorts and briefs to the floor. I was naked in front of him again.
"Damn, it's crazy how much more dick I have than you" he smirked. "How do you even please a girl with that little thing". I didn't know what to say, I tried to meet his gaze but I was so humiliated I could barely look at him. "Let me show you what a real man is packing" he said, pulling his meaty dick out of his shorts. "You see that? That's what a real man looks like. Get on your knees and suck it" I refused "dude that's fucking gay"
"Do it"
"No, fuck you"
We grappled again. I was naked and Dan still had his dick out. I fought hard but he had me beat in no time. He got me on my front and punched me hard a few times in the back of the head. "Stay there". He pinned my head against the concrete floor.
I could sense that he was hard but I couldn't see it. I hear him spit and I writhed to get free but he just held me tighter, rubbing my tight hole with his finger. Then... I felt it. Dan pushed his throbbing dick against my hole. I squirmed but I couldn't get free. "Let me show you how a real man fucks". He penetrated me, right there in the garage floor. I've never felt pain like it. He pounded me until I felt dizzy Slapping my ass "how does that feel pussy"
It was a total humiliation. I was his bitch. He fucked me for what felt like forever, stopping to move me into different positions. When he was done, he pulled his shirts back on, grabbed my face and told me "you're my bitch now. You, your little dick, your ass and your pussy dad. I will use you whenever I like. Don't you ever forget it"