Bathroom Cockfight
Please note: this story is pure fiction
Bathroom cockfight (warning, brutal fight)

It had been a long hot day, it was July in Yuma, Arizona and I decided to stop for the night at a hotel. It wasn't a very nice hotel but it was still somewhere I could get some rest. I checked in went to my room and decided to go out to the pool. It was a small pool but none the less it was water. I sat on the edge and stuck my feet in the warm water. I tried to relax from the long drive.

Within several minutes I noticed a man walk through the gate. He was wearing black speedos that revealed a nice package. He stared at me for a moment and then put his towel down and dove in the pool. He slowly swam towards one end and then back again brushing up against my foot, “sorry”, he said. He was built similar to me and also had a nice tan. He seemed to be a little bit older.

After swimming back and forth a few times he stopped by me and holding on to the edge of the pool said hi. “You come here often”, I said jokingly? “I would if you were always here”, he said. I looked down at him in the water and noticed his cock was hard and sticking out over his Speedo.

“You look like you would be a lot of fun, are you a top or a bottom?”
“I am a top”, I reply, “And you?” “I am also top”, he said. ‘Are you a versatile at all”, was his next question. “I can be if I have to be”, I said. “And what can I do to persuade you?”
“I’m into kind of a different fetish” I said. “Tell me more”, was his next response. “Well I'm into a thing called cockfighting”. “Oh I have heard of that and actually did it one time. It’s all about trying to make the other one cum first correct?” “Yes you are absolutely right”. ‘Well I'm game if you are, loser gets fucked? My cock was growing hard and he noticed it inside my swim trunks. “My room or yours”, was his next question, or we can do it right here? “It's pretty quiet out here but I don't think it's a good idea”, I said. “We could do it in that bathroom”, as I looked over toward a paint worn door in the pool area. “I'm fine with that”, was his quiet reply.

He swam back to the pool steps and stepped out. His legs were shapely and muscular. He was tanned and his body was smooth, very similar to mine. His hard cock poked out over his dark Speedos. He turned and gazed at me. I stood up as well and although I wasn't wearing Speedos, my hard cock was clearly evident through my red swim shorts. We both walk to the bathroom door leaving a wet trail of footprints behind us. I open the door and turned on the light, the bathroom was very small and the old fluorescent lights did not work for very well, they just buzzed and only one of them flickered. The bathroom was a mess, it was very dirty and unkempt, the toilet had overflowed and I could feel wet floor as i stepped in the puddles barefooted. We closed the door and locked it behind us. We were barely able to see each other and we both removed their shorts. Completely naked our hard cocks we're about the same size, both of us were circumcised at about 7 inches long.

We just stared at each other for a moment and then quickly embraced, kissing deeply as our hands went for each other's cocks. Our tongues went deep into each other's mouths as we stroked each other's cocks with one hand and grabbed the back of our heads with the other, pulling our faces closer together as our tongues continue to wrestle. Soon both of us begin to moan as our erect cocks beginning to slowly leak. I gripped his shaft and begin to slow down trying to feel if his cock was pulsating, looking for the sweet spot. He instinctively did the same to mine. Our pre-cum created lubrication as we continued to fondle and stroke. After several minutes I felt his other hand grab my ass and then his finger try to penetrate me, at first I resisted but I decided to let him in and I went for his as well.

We continued the stand on the wet dirty floor, stroking and fingering each other as we kissed trying to force the other to releases his load first. Moaning and grunted and cursing at times, I could tell he was getting close but then again so was I. “ I'm going to fuck your eyes out’, he said as he spit in my face, I cursed and quickly returned the favor and now the struggle begin to escalate as we continued the stroke each other faster. I could tell he was very close to cumming but then he decided to try to pull my hand away from his cock. We begin to dance around the small dirty bathroom, I also tried to pull his hand off of my cock and soon it became a wrestling match. Our bare feet kicked it each other trying to trip the other one up as we struggled to dominate. Our feet were slipping on the wet floor and he was able to get me from behind in a headlock while holding onto my cock with his other hand. Pushing me towards the bathroom sink I could see our reflection in the dirty mirror, my hard swollen cock being pumped in his hand as I struggled to get away. “No!”, I said, “we didn't talk about wrestling only cock fighting.” :Too bad for you, bitch!:, he said I want to fuck your ass and I'm going to do it. I could feel his rock-hard dick in my ass crack as we continued to stand in an upright position, struggling for control. I kept trying to get to his cock with my hand while trying to pull his arm away from my neck with my other hand but the no avail he was too strong.

In desperation I put my foot up against the sink and pushed back, causing both of us to tumble backwards. Now on the wet floor we slipped and slide around, trying to get position. We rolled around in the small space, our legs tangling. I got on top of him but he put me in a bear hug. I could feel our hard cocks grinding against each other, pulsating. Our bodies were wet with perspiration as well as whatever was on the floor was now on us! Both of us soon tired and just laid there for a moment gasping for air, our naked filthy bodies heaving. Soon he began to squeeze me, trying his best to weaken me, and he was definitely stronger than I thought. At first I squeezed back but then I realize I was in a losing battle so I tried to pull the way. His legs grapevined mine and I was caught. I tried to push away on his face but to no avail. I was too tired. After one final push, i moaned and collapsed in his arms as he continued to squeeze me. Again we just lay there motionless for a moment or two. I could feel his hard penis throbbing up against mine. Soon we were grinding our rock hard dicks against one another. I struggled to hold back and i could sense he was as well. Within a couple of minutes our moans and groans were getting louder as both of us were on the edge. Again i tried to pull away so i could keep my load but to no avail, within seconds i felt my cock explode but so did his! We yelled out as the warm liquid from our cocks was pumped out on each other. Our hard cocks continued to spasm pressed against each other. we just laid silently catching our breath in the dark on the dirty bathroom floor. All I could hear was hard breathing and a slow dripping sound from a leaking toilet. “Fuck, I can't believe we both cummed at the same time”, he whispered. “That was pretty intense” i replied. I was secretly glad that he shot his load as well because I didn't want to be seeded by him.

After few minutes we slowly rolled on our sides, exhausted, covered in each other’s semen. I slowly got up and went to open the door. but I could not open it it was locked. Somehow or another this old bathroom door got jammed. “Shit this thing is locked”, I said, “i can’t open it”. ‘Let me try” he stood up and tried as well to no avail. “Well we can try banging on it and see if someone can let us out”, i looked around for my swim trunks and found them soaked in piss from a puddle on the floor. “Guess i won’t be putting these back on” “this will be a little hard to explain when they open up and find us naked in the state we are in” ‘We can bang on the door or i can bang on you” my rival said, staring at me. ‘I think you actually cummed first’ i said, “i should fuck you” “No way, bitch, you need to be seeded”. We both stood there in the half-lit bathroom, staring at each other. We were a mess, hair matted, dirt and bodily fluids smudged on our nude bodies. Our cocks were swollen but drooping, still leaking long strings of pre-cum. The silence was broken by my competitor saying, “I need to piss” and with that he stepped closer to me, bumping his smooth chest against mine. I wasn’t sure what he was doing but then i suddenly realized he was trying to empty his bladder on me! I quickly tried to retaliate. We both stood there, toe to toe concentrating on releasing our urine. After about a minute i felt his hot stream of piss on my cock! “Fuck” i tried to urinate but with no luck. ‘That will give you some lubrication to stroke your cock”. First to get hard, fucks the other! I had heard of that contest but never had done it. “You’re on, cunt!”

The room was warm and smelled terrible as we locked eyes and began to stroke ourselves, each hoping we could get it hard enough to penetrate the other. I wanted so badly to fuck him as my anger and hatred towards him increased, especially when he was able to piss on my cock. We stared daggers into each other’s eyes as we slowly massaged our tired swollen cocks. I tried to find the spot on my cock that would bring quick arousal. My dick ached from our previous cockfight. During our struggle he had torn some of the skin on the underside and it was very sore. “You’re going to lose” he quietly said as the sound of our cocks being stroked filled the bathroom. I said nothing but I could feel my cock begin to get hard. I looked down at his and saw it swelling. We both could sense the other’s cock getting hard and as the stoking increased. Now both of us were in panic mode, frantically stroking our battered cocks. The sounds of cocks being pounded filled the echoed in the dimly lit room along with grunts and moans. “My cock is harder” he shouted out. ‘No, mine is, i countered! We both released our own cocks and pointed them at one another. Both were pretty hard, sticking straight out. “Let them fight it out” he cried out as his cock swung around and struck mine!

“Oofff” i moaned as his cock struck mine, i swung back and we traded smacks. After several minutes of swinging our hips, our cocks were bright red and strings of precum connected from both. He quickly grabbed his by the base on went on the attack! I followed suit and used my hand as well. The blows were much harder this time. The pain grew as we both cursed at each other, occasionally kicking and stomping at each other’s feet. The veins in both our weapons were bulging, but our meat still stayed pretty hard. As if on cue we both backed away, examining the damage. My poor cock was red and swollen, leaking. His was in the same condition but i saw blood dripping from his piss slit. It had apparently gotten torn from the striking. “You’re cock is losing” i shouted, “give up now”. “No way, bitch, i’m not getting fucked’, let’s settle this now”. “My cock is bleeding and so will yours!” My older foe made a claw with his outstretched hand. “First one to go soft gets seeded!” “You’re on!”

We rushed at each other grabbing our sore cocks, squeezing and pulling, while simultaneously putting each other in headlocks. Our barefeet could not get traction again on the piss soaked floor, we slid into the corner of the dark, smelly bathroom. He had me pinned against the corner wall. I could feel his nails going into the underside of my cock. I clawed back but my nails were not as long. Frantic, i got to his already torn piss slit and got my thumb nail into it! He cried out and swung me around getting me from behind and pushing me up against an old wall mirror. We struggled some more and our feet tangled, i went down, losing my grip on his cock and headlock. I fought to get free but he overpowered me. I was still caught in a headlock and he had me on my side while straddling me, attacking my exposed cock. We struggled more, both out of breath. There was a pause in the fight as we tried to regain strength. He seemed winded but so was i. I was on laying on the floor facing the foggy old mirror. I could see our bodies and the hold he had me in from the mirror. His hand still locked onto my wounded cock. I reached to grab his bleeding penis, trying to find his large vein and hopefully slice it open. He kept trying to pull it away and i could not get a good hold on it. Finally i got it and he groaned. “You want to fight dirty, let’s see who prevails at this, bitch” he said in a strained voice. The room became eerily silent except for our heavy panting and moans. I could feel his cock’s warm blood running down my hand as his piss slit continued to bleed profusely. My cock seemed to go numb as he gripped it even more tightly. I could see in the dirty mirror my swollen cockhead being slowly choked to death, its piss slit opening wide, as if gasping for air. I heard a tearing sound and then a muffled crunching, as blood poured from my piss slit. “Ohhhh….” I moaned in agony as he continued to dig his sharp nails in. I tried to pull his hand off my cock with no success. Finally after a couple of minutes he released my damaged cock as it wilted, bleeding from the underside and slit. I laid on the floor in shock.

After what seemed like an eternity, he slowly pushed me on my back and spread my legs up over his shoulder. His wounded cock had gone soft so he slowly stroked it as he cursed. I had done more damage than i had thought as it continued to bleed and dripped down on me. Try as he may he could not get hard enough to get inside of me. He straddled my chest and commanded me to suck him. I refused but he attacked my cock again and i quickly gave in. I took his turgid cock in my mouth and sucked. I could taste his blood and i reluctantly worked his manhood. Eventually it came to life as i could feel it getting harder in my mouth. After a while he pulled away and spread my legs again, spitting on his now hard cock, he slowly penetrated me. It hurt like hell for me but i think him as well. However his wounded cock was able to stay hard as he slowly thrust in and out. My beaten cock continued to leak blood but also clear fluid appeared, running on my stomach and up to my chest. After several minutes i could tell he was getting close. Our lips locked and tongues went into each other’s mouth as he made a loud groan and pumped his load into me. He collapsed on top of me.
We awoke to the bathroom door being opened and bright sunlight filling the bathroom. A Mexican lady screamed and ran away as we quickly got up. Naked we both ran our separate ways. I ran up the steps to my room and let myself in falling on the bed. I slowly got up and went into the clean bathroom looking at myself and wounded cock in the mirror. My cock ached from the deep puncture marks of the vicious attack. I gently showered as my cock continued to bleed. Explaining this to my doctor would be difficult.