Fun match!

Great guy had a blast

Great to meet finally.Good match

Chester is a really nice and fun guy. Chester is friendly and a great person to chat. Also, he is strong. Chester knows a good amount of chokeholds. His chokeholds is quite lethal and quite powerful. Chester has a good amount of stamina. Chester is like a "college and San Francisco" mentor to me too. He knows a lot about the San Francisco Bay Area and colleges. He gives a lot of helpful and wise tips to make my college career successful. He also knows a lot of people in the San Francisco Bay Area too. I 100% definitely give him one of my highest recommendations. I definitely want a rematch with Chester in the near future.

Had a blast with JP329. Slim but very in shape, tough and resistant with good cardio. Took a lot to wear him down. Very nice/charming off the mats and good conversationalist. Highly recommend and looks good for a rematch.

I had a great long fight with btler, he was a gentle guy, but really strong and great shape...better than I the mat, he is very intelligent and super nice man!! I can't wait our next match.

Profantasywrestler is shockingly awesome. Amazing pro skills and attitude in the ring, and a super cool guy outside the ring too. It was absolutely incredible to wrestle with him and just as awesome and fun to spend time with him outside the ring. I highly recommend Profantasywrestler.

Puppy is a lot of fun. Meet, take him down, and enjoy it all!

always a fun romp ;)

Hot guy, lots of fun, definitely watch out for the legs ;)