Feisty is a feisty guy,worked up a sweat and had a really good match...very comfortable to be around,exchanged various holds..Very nice guy off the mats...Definitely want a rematch and recommend Feisty when you head to Portland Oregon.

A wonderful guy and a fun match. Super friendly but can hold his own on the mats and has a solid arsenal of submission moves. Definitely had a great match and would gladly go at it again anytime.

Fine, strong athlete, great space, super host! Hope our schedules match again some day.

Really nice guy and a great time.

Enjoyed this match and look forward to a rematch. Let's train this young stud.

Strong, skilled guy, but very patient with the skill difference. Definitely looking forward to the next match

Got schooled by this guy. In a good way. Hope to wrestle him again.

Great fighter, feisty and determined

JSexy is quite a joy to be around. I quickly grew comfortable with him and I got to take my time putting him in slow sexy holds. He's very smart too. I wished we could do a bit more but that's why we're planning a second match! Guys, you seriously have to check him out! You won't regret it!

Awesome muscle jobber. This guy knows how to take the pain. This was our 2nd match. Great time!