Sam is a really strong and skilled wrestler. Still is easy going and open to adjust to whatever positions we go into. A very fun time wrestling with him - we will definitely go at it again when he passes thru.

He may be a newcomer, but Rassletite is already an expert at having fun with wrestling. Before the match, he stays in touch and clearly communicates what kind of match he wants. A good guy on and off the mat, wrestle him!

Great wrestling workout with this guy. Smaller than me, but he knows how to give a good challenge and a tight tangle. Would definitely take him on again.

Great to hit the mats with this strong dude -- he works out in a gym and one could sure see it and feel it on the mats --- even though he lacked experience his strength was all he needed -- if you have the opportunity to hit the mats with this dude he will show you his strength -- a gracious host -- nice dude -- looking forward to the next time we can hit the mats

Great guy! Had blast wrestling Niocal- If you get the chance to take him on - do it!

Had a great match with caguy. he is very strong and fun....Also a nice guy off the mat..Definitely get in touch with him if you are heading to Sacramento....

Great match - we stayed lock up a long time.

Great opponent and a fun match!

Great guy on and off the mat. Had a great time a look forward to meeting again and again.

Had an absolutely great time wrestling with Dave! Jeans, boxers... then a lot of nude rounds. We got coiled up so fuckin tight - going at it slow - glued together. Agreed to another fight sometime - look forward to takin him on again.