Kam is a great guy and I'm glad we finally got to meet up to wrestle. Enjoyed our battle!

We have be trying to line up a wrestling match long time . He a great host very skilled at wrestling I highly recommend to any who is up for a good match he strong and tough . Good guy to wrestle ..

After over 5 years of staying in touch with usa jeff, we finally met and wrestled. Great guy, nice physique and a valued friend. Looking forward to another battle when our paths cross again.

I had a lot of fun. Great guy to wrestle.

Great match. Knows how to do the classic pro. Was great guy as well. Would recommend.

Alex is strong, agile, and well endowed with what counts when wrestling.

Jim is a all around gentlemen outside the mats, once on it he an aggressive wrestler but still keeping that gentlemen personality! Awesome host and all around skilled wrestler that can give a good challenge. Looking forward to facing Jim again, don’t miss the opprotunity to meet this guy!

He was a fun guy to wrestle and take some action pics with. Was looking forward to seeing him again on the mats!

Had amazing time! Can't wait for another rematch with him!

Lancer. Is a strong good looking wrestler had a blast with him. Would love a rematch