Second time meeting this wrestler, last time was two years ago, he's gotten a lot stronger and knows some good holds, lots of fun and I recommend him, I hope to wrestle him again

Great to reconnect. Used some good holds on me. Nice guy

My fight with Blarger was tough, it was a clean and clear defeat that I could not dispute. I would like to fight him again one day.

Awesome wrestler! Had an amazing time rolling around with him. I look forward to his next trip to NY.

Big Rich is a respectful and cool guy off the mats, and a strong yet sexy heel on he mats! There's a handful of heels that make my punishments enjoyable, and he's no exception! I still tried to fight back and got some licks in but he was just too strong! I'll get him next time though!

Good things come in small packages. Super fun to roll around and hang out with. Knows his moves on that mat, even though he was no match for me! But I do have to admit he is a lot tougher than he looks and even got his chance to reverse a few holds and get my trapped several times. Next time, I won't underestimate him and will be prepared to dish out even more punishment!

Super guy - and knows pro very well. Great seller - can do back and forth really well. Highly recommended

Great experience!

Ramesh is a great guy -- on and off the mats. We had a great match (mostly going for pins) and he showed me a few moves. I definitely recommend him and would welcome a rematch.

Subcub is a very strong wrestler, very fit and a nice person off the mat. Had a menorable match with him. Dont let off an opportunity to wrestle this dude. I would like to have rematches with him multiple times.