What a great guy. Strong wrestler and knows his moves. Guys you'll have a great time with him. Can't wait till next time.

This dude is strong, scrappy, and game for anything. We tore each other apart catfight style with serious aggression and passion. Had a blast. Would wrestle hum again in a heartbeat.

Great promission action !

Awesome time as always.

I had great mat time with Speedoandbeef. Strong and eager to learn. Once he gets some experience under his speedos, he'll be quite a force on the mats. Wrestle with him, teach him. It is well worth the experience. Very highly recommended gents. ...and he loves to laugh.

Great guy to wrestle and chat with afterwards. He outweighed me by 40 pounds but nevertheless we had a good match. Says something about beating my ass in a ring someday..hmm we'll see lol

This kid walked through the door and I knew I had a challenge on my hands. He talks a good game leading up to the match and definitely held his own. Probably one of the better matches I've had in a while. (Plus he's not bad to look at). Hoping to get him to Florida soon for a match in a ring where he needs to have his ass kicked. Great meeting you buddy!

Great time rolling with this guy, he's a tough heel to take down. But eventually I did :)

I had a great time wrestling! He is strong and knows some good moves as he pinned me and made me submit quite a few times. He is a super nice guy. I can't wait for our next match.

Very strong guy, a great opponent for a match